Week in Chic: 5/23 Edition


Sewing…the facing and collar on my Burda jacket.  I haven’t touched it in weeks so time to get back on the wagon.  I also hope to finish up some other WIPs this weekend.


Photographing…very little.  My 365 has suffered the past 3 days due to ultimate lack of motivation and inspiration.  Need to get back to this one.

Watching…Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy straight through.  I can’t say I recommend it because I am in tears every 45 minutes at the end of an episode.  But then again I am so addicted!

Loving…my momma.  Who got pretty sick this week but is doing better right now.

Hating…credit card companies.   Because they are sneaky little bastards.  I rarely use this particular credit card for purchases and have not missed a payment in 10 years.  How do they reward good customer service? Jacking up my interest by 7%, then mistakenly sending me a delinquency letter, then only offering to reduce it down by 1.5% when I complain.  I am not into politics, but I hope Ob@ma Kicks their Asses!

Anticipating…not one but TWO 3 day weekends.  Memorial Day weekend this weekend and a trip up north and to MAKER FAIRE next weekend!

Have a great weekend! And I hope to come back with some crafty goodies!


7 thoughts on “Week in Chic: 5/23 Edition

  1. Sorry about your cc company. The only the new cc act has insured is that those who do not keep a balance will get screwed over even more, and those who do not give a crap about whether or not they even pay, will get more breaks. Yeah, that is what the Obama Credit Card Bill of Rights has done for everyone.

    Your jacket is very pretty. Your topstitching is fabulous!

  2. Glad to hear your mommy is doing better and I am so with you when it comes to the lack of ethics with any and every banking institution. Love the color of the jacket and stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy alittle while back, I was addicted too but then got tired of the drama between whatsher name Grey and McDreamy. :0)

  3. Man I wish I could sew well enough to tackle a jacket like that. My mom swears by Burda patterns but I’m afraid of anything but Simplicity designs.
    Beautiful work!

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