Week in Chic

IMG_3465_filtered-1All right people. I am a Macro blogger but my blogging juices are just not what they use to be. Mainly because neither is my crafting. However, I always go through the day thinking about things I SHOULD blog about, but I get mired in the details of the perfect post. So in the day of Micro blogging I figure it is okay to give you little glimpses into my mind without TOTALLY boring you to death. So I am going to try the once a week “I’m alive!” that sums up my random thoughts and activities for the week.

Sewing…BWOF 02-2009-112 in yellow! The dark purple I originally had planned was a little too lightweight and shiny. I am making good progress

Knitting…my clapotis. I think I am going to make it longer than 12 repeats so expect to see this on the list for a while. I also started a February Lady Sweater which I have mixed feelings on. I have basically gotten to the buttonholes which is only row 7, got stumped and then stopped.

EatingSoy chorizo! This is my new favorite foodie compromise. I love chorizo but haven’t had it for years due to the fat that oozes out when cooking it. Imagine my surprise when I saw it at Trader Joe’s. I even saw it at the mexican market which says something. I am totally hooked

Listening toContagious on ipod during crafting. This is really a good audiopod series that became a book. For all you scifi/thriller readers I highly suggest it, for all those who don’t read, try out on audiopod.


4 thoughts on “Week in Chic

  1. Hey I love the soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. What do you eat yours with? I actually make lettuce wraps with mine, I know that sounds weird but it is so fresh and tasty. Can’t wait to see your BWOF creation.

  2. I love reading your blog. Love seeing your projects and I love your attitude – I feel like I can relate. But the soy chorizo made me giggle. I just saw this last weekend (in my neck of the woods) and have been teasing my BF about torturing him with it. It sounds fantastic and now I have a recommendation to pull from too! Thanks!!

  3. Girl, your pics and writing are awesome and I love your latest creation in progress. Being a Vegan I have eaten Soy Chorizo, but am looking for some recipes, share. :0)

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