Crafty Progress Report


I am making some crafty progress.  I made my muslin for Burda 02-2009-112 jacket (excuse the wrinkles as it has been done and in a bag for a while) and it fits really well.  Almost no alteration what so ever. The fabric is cut for both this jacket and the majority of my cotton rendition of the Vogue 1086 dressErica B. had some great alteration suggestions for the dress so I will be taking her expert advice and make a few changes before finishing up the cutting.

I really want to make a maxi dress because I like the look and I have some gorgeous silk and cotton fabric dying to become one.  Does anyone have a good suggestion for patterns?

I am also participating in a knitalong at my local SnB for the February Lady Sweater.  So far I have got the yarn.  I need to get my gauge swatch going soon.

My clapotis is going well all be it slowly.  However, since it has been getting into the upper 90’s lately I doubt I will need for a while.

K, talk to you all again soon

14 thoughts on “Crafty Progress Report

  1. I can’t believe you made a muslin for the jacket. I know it is wise and you are supposed to but…wow. It is going to be awesome.

  2. That’s a great Jacket, Mo.
    I’ve been thinking of a Maxi dress, too! In fact I picked up a few patterns that are possibilities for it. …one of them is NL6774, just like Delia and Krystal suggested.

  3. Hi ,I just found your it. I was reading some old ones from Dec……love that pillow. What is Amy Butler’s website?

  4. I am so envious that you have the shapely figure to wear that dress. It is a lovely pattern. Why not make it a knee-length dress and show off the gams?

  5. Hi:
    Love the Jacket! It’s going to be a great jacket in the yellow fabric. What camera model do you use? I LOVE all the pics you take. They are very artistic. I fun looking at your flicker pages.

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