Finished Object: Click! Camera Case

img_3860-11So my crafting bug hit again when I stumbled across Hine on Flickr.  I then went and watched her cute video and etsy.  The bug was hot!  I had felt, I had time, and I had a need to craft, hence the Felt Camera Case knockoff.

Pattern: None but a knockoff of Hine on Flickr

Fabric Used: Wool Felt…yup the real stuff

Notions Used: Buttons


I was happy to use up some of my wool felt that I collected from the Clearance Section at JoAnn’s.  I knew I needed to breakout the better stuff because this case would be seeing a lot of action as it tumbles around in my bag daily.    In fact, these pictures were taken after a week of use and abuse in my daily work bag.  The rest was scraps of fabric and buttons from the stash.   I was happy to find some silver detail buttons because they just seemed to fit the occassion so well.

img_3846-1 img_3845-1

For easy access I decided to use elastic for my closure and I am very happy I did.  It makes my daily opening and closing very simple.  I covered the attachment holes by gluing on my label.

The one change I would do if I ever made another, of which I have no real intention, is to make the card holder deeper or give it some closure.  Other that that I think it is perfect for me.  It is so cute and perfect for my needs.



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