T-Shirt Refashion and my love of Flickr

In an effort to increase by blogging you may find random post and life ramblings going on here at Peacock Chic, but hey…that is what blogging is all about right?!

Well, I have been having uncontrollable needs to go instant crafts.  Those are crafts that can be started and completed in one day.  It is like a fever!  One minute I am doing something and the next I HAVE to be making somethings.  Very weird.  Well last night I got the bug again and decided to refashion an old men’s style t-shirt I found.  Snip Snip Sew Sew and there you go.  A new T-shirt…girly style!

365.122 - SuperFro!

365.122 – SuperFro!!

I used this as my 365 for yesterday.  And speaking of my 365 and Flickr, that place has become my new time vampire.  I mean between posting, finding groups, and looking at photos from contacts I have very little time for my other time sucks like bloglines and actual crafting 🙂  However, I have found some new toys that I wanted to share with those who know and use Flickr but want to make the experience a little more user friendly.  Oh and you have to have Firefox too.  Oh yeah and download Greasemonkey.  It really is simple though and you gain cool Flickr superpowers

10 Really Useful Flickr Greasemonkey Userscripts – This is a conglomeration of useful scripts to add to you firefox once you download Greasemonkey.  The ones I like the most are:

Buddy Icon Reply – This i another of of my biggest time saver scripts for flickr. With it you will never have to copy&paste user names you want to reply to on your or other images. With one click you will get a little icon of the user you want to answer in your comment box. Nice !

Flickr Auto Page – This is definitely one of the most useful scripts for flickr. It allows you to scroll though a stream without clicking the “next page” – button. Older images are loaded automatically.

Flickr Multi-Group Sender – This one gives you the ability to post an image to multiple Flickr groups at the one time. Warning : If an image is posted in too many groups you reduce the probability of your image being explored ! I recommend adding images to a maximum of 5 groups.

Flickr Gallery PlusThis one seems a bit glitchy but I like it anyway for now.  You can always uninstall later.

Improved gallery presentation for Flickr sets. Extends Flickr gallery/set pages and offers:

– View one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it.
– Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger.
– Keyboard navigation with left and right arrow keys to go back and forth amongst pictures.
– View a slideshow of all pictures in the set.

Have Fun!!!


10 thoughts on “T-Shirt Refashion and my love of Flickr

  1. Very useful info.

    I finally got a chance to view the pics for your 365 days. Awesome photography. You have a serious eye and mad skills!

    Oh, and I”ll place my order for that rockin’ t-shirt you just made. Must have one!

  2. It’s always great to see what you’ve been up to–and I totally sympathized with the instant crafting impulse! See you again next month! 😉 (Just kidding–I hope sooner).

  3. Girl, I wish I was a computer and photography savvy as you! Can I please tell you I am a loving your naturalness. I am a true believer of natural hair beauty, especially since we all have so many unique textures, waves, and curls. Beautiful!

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