Accckwarrrddd….But Chocolate Will Make You Forget…


Oh look at that! It is nearly my one month “where the hell has she been” anniversary!  But instead of regaling you with what has happened over the past month,  or for the past few months for that matter,  I will instead pretend like I have been here all along and get over that awkward feeling of getting reacquainted.  Besides if you are really interested you can check out my Flickr 365.

Anyhoo, yesterday for St. Patty’s Day I made Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen.


I don’t know why but I felt compelled to make these and bring them to work.  I always forget how much these little treats for the office end up impacting your pocket book.  But they were greatly appreciated and given wonderful praise by from all that partook.  Actually, there were a few that thought they were too sweet.  I thought so too but my sweet meter is pretty low.  My meter errs on the side of  savory.

These cupcakes did not go EXACTLY like the recipe as I could not find Guinness or Stout in less than a 6 pack so I decided to forgo the $8.00 investment.  Instead I used the dark chocolate cake box mix.


For the ganache I used 70% Scharfen Berger Bittersweet which I chopped up with my trusty chocolate chopping cleaver from my pastry cook days and for the Bailey’s Buttercream Frosting I only used 2.5 cups instead of the 3-4 cups suggested.  For Chocolate lovers out there I think they will be head over heels for these cupcakes, as they should be.  For me it was all about the Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting!! Holy Moly that was good.  I will be making that frosting for everything!

If I was to make these again I would modify a few things to my liking.

  • I would use the Ghiarardelli Double Chocolate Muffin mix instead of the ganache filling
  • If I did have a filling I would do a whipped dark chocolate filling to make it lighter as the truffle like center was pretty dense
  • I would make more Bailey’s Buttercream to mound it up high and eat when no one is looking 🙂


I guess these changes would make it a completely different recipe but that is the beauty of cooking.


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