What Have I Been Up To?

Thanks for all the pick me ups on the last post.  I am glad you gals didn’t feel like I was slacking on the craftiness.  I know that is what you come for 🙂

So the new year has brought a bit of crafty confusion at here Chez Peacock Chic.  I used to pride myself on being a finisher.   I would start something and get it done quickly before starting on something new.  That kept this blog hoppin with finished projects for all of you to enjoy.

Now I am fully mired in startitis.  Too my crafts, so little time.  So I will give you a quick run down of what I have been up to with the hopes of actually finishing some of it sooner or later :O)

My Obama Girl Necklace

img_1847 img_1877_filtered

I made this little necklace with my neice for inauguration day.  It was inspired by a post over on Threadbangers.  A little photoshop, some shrinky dink, and spray paint made it all come together in just a few short hours.  Her necklace was a hit at school that day.  Score one for Auntie No! (my nickname because I am notorious for saying “no”)



After finishing up my crewel project I have been obsessed with embroidery.  Once I saw the japanese books over on Cauchy09’s post I went to the Kinokuniya in my area and bought two books!!!  These have more detailed embroidery projects so this is gonna be a while in the making, but it is fun.

Chinese Lace Pullover


Yup, still working on this…little by little.  I already finished the front and this is the nearly completed back.  According to my Ravelry stats, I started this back in SEPTEMBER!! Normally this would bring out great fiber shame and I would have to commit harakiri on my knitting needles.  But really with work and all the other crafty temptations at hand, I am just happy to get this far.



I have been wanting to make the Gretel hat since I won the contest for Elijah.  Finally I just casted on and I am in love!!  This has definitely trumped all other crafts right now because I need to finish quick in order to wear it before the cold weather goes away in So Cal which is not far at all.

Anyway, that is the UFO round up.  Hope to talk to you gals again soon!

15 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up To?

  1. It is a sad state of affairs when I am the one finishing projects around here. My Star Crossed Slouchy beret is nearly finished and you know I finished that little scarf. Of course, most will come to a halt with school and all. But I am planning on focusing on 1 skein-ish sort of projects.

  2. I also author The Obama Craft Project blog, and I’d love to feature your Obama Girl necklace, if you wouldn’t mind. I invited one of your pics of it into the OCP flickr pool.

  3. LOVE the necklace! You’ve made up for all those nos in one stroke.
    And don’t commit harakiri over an unfinished sweater. I have made not one but TWO 4-year sweaters. I should call them 5-year sweaters because by the time I finish them I’m so sick of them they spend a year at the bottom of the closet, decanting. But you know, I was wearing one of them just this week, thinking of how it’s 20 years old this year (20 finished years), and how I still am pleased with it. So think of this in the long term..

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  5. Love the Japanese references! Sounds like a veritable crafter’s paradise over yonder. Great job on the necklace, and can’t wait to see your FOs! I esp like the tweed yarn you chose for your Gretel.

  6. I feel your pain. I’m a serious starter, and rarely finish anything.

    Love to ObamaGirl necklace. One of my dream project is a needlepoint accent pillow of the “Yes we can” speech. I can picture it in my mind… navy background, YES WE CAN in bold red caps over and over, with the lines between in delicate yellow cursive. I should have my pillow done just in time for the 2062 Presidential Election cycle when Malia Obama carries on the family dynasty.

  7. The ObamaGirl necklace is great. You should get to be Auntie Yes for a day at least!

    The Chinese lace pullover is in my queue, so I’ll be watching you on that one. Looks great so far.

    … sitting here trying to think of how to say what I really want without sounding like a total nerd… oh well, geek that I am I’ll launch … Clicked over just looking for tips on the Noro Butterfly cardi, but then got that huge blog-reading thrill when I saw your mosaic — that OH! OH! Wow, she’s made so many things I LOVE. Gotta to come back here and read more!

    Thanks for the rainy morning cheer.

    KnittingNancy (Ravelry id)

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