Recipe: Chipotle Lima Bean Soup


Back in December, in light of the chilly weather and my friend Virginia’s visit I cooked up some soups for those nights we wanted save a few bucks and eat in for dinner.  One of those recipes was this Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle Broth from 101 Cookbooks.

Whereas I am so much more of a finished object oriented person with my crafts, I am much more of a a curious cook and tend to lend my attention to interesting combinations that let me enjoy the experience of new discoveries.  This one caught my eye because I can’t remember the last time I had lima beans and the chipotle combo fasinated me.

The soup was very easy and produced exceptional results.  I LOVE this soup and will make it again and again.  There are some subtle difference in my version:


  • I used 4 cups chicken broth and 6 cups water instead of all water
  • I was cooking something else that required pancetta, so I cooked up an extra 2 oz and threw that into the soup
  • I couldn’t find baby lima beans at the local supermarket so I just used regular size limas.  According to the Joy of Cooking, these are actually a different species from the larger ones…go figure.  Well, mine tasted good nonetheless.
  • My broth is not as…well…brothy.  Probably due to the larger beans, but it definitely gave it a hardy feeling.


  • As suggested, be mindful of how much chipotle you add to this.  I put the recommended amount and it has quite a nice bite, but if you heat sensitive take it slow as the flavor and heat develops over time.
  • Definitely use the whole head of garlic.  I love this idea and it really infused the broth and brought it to a new depth.
  • This soup freezes well.  The soup pictured above is post freezing and was eaten today with Trader Joe’s mini Chicken Tacos 🙂

I highly recommend this soup even if you have that childhood memory of lima bean phobia…I bet you will have a new view of this unloved bean after tasting this.

Recipe found at 101 Cookbooks – Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle Broth

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