It’s All About Me for the next 365 Days

First off, let me apologize to all the gracious readers who have commented on my finished objects of the past few weeks.  I truly TRULY appreciate it.  Christmas and life have gotten in the way of me keeping up with the responses but I will be better next year…resolution #1

Second, I have been feeling a bit neglectful when it comes life and not finished objects.  Oh yeah I will blog when I have something finished to show all of you, but what about that fluffy middle called life?  Now given this has never really been a life blog as much as a crafty blog, but I always see people on other blogs filling there posts with “getting to know you” information and I feel a little sad about that lack of substance on my blog.  But then it hit me like a bucket of cold water…WAIT A MINUTE!!! I am doing the ultimate in life reveals.  I am participating in 365 Days!

365 December

Yup! For the past 44, going on 45, days I have taken a self portrait and chronicled my day on Flickr.  I was waiting for some milestone to occur to tell you, but just like this adventure began, I decided on a whim that today was the day.  Therefore,  I give you the December Calendar of Me…only 3 more days till 2009 and 321 more pictures to go!

So if you are interested in knowing more about what the hell I am doing between FO posts, you can catch up with me at my 365 set on Flickr or just look to your right to see the last past 3 days of my life.

P.S. Just in case I don’t get a chance to speak to you all again before next year…



12 thoughts on “It’s All About Me for the next 365 Days

  1. A friend of mine and I are SUPPOSED to do this together. I MIGHT try again lol. I’ve been a part of the flickr group FOREVER LOL

    HOW did you do the calendar?!?!?? That is so neat!

    • It is actually very easy to make a Flickr Calendar View

      1. Go to Flickr and click on one of your pictures
      2. Look to the right column under “Additional Information” you will find the “Take on” date. Click on the date, not EDIT
      3. Above your picture you will see Archives / Taken in / 2008 / December / 28th (1 item) . Click on the month
      4. To the left you will see View: List • Detail • Map • Calendar. Click on Calendar

      And there you have it. You pictures via Calendar.

      Tips: The calendar will only show the LAST picture you uploaded on that day so I normally change the “Date Taken” and “Date Posted” information to correspond. I change the time to be close to midnight if I have more than one picture posted a day.

      1. Go to Flickr and click on one of your pictures
      2. Look to the right column under “Additional Information” you will find the “Take on” date. Click on EDIT.
      3. Change the “Date Taken”, click save. Then quickly click on the “Date Posted” tab or it will take you back the picture. then change date and save.

      Hope that helps and have fun!

  2. I’m glad to get to know you through SNBLB and your blog. Great reading/entertaining pics. Good luck and idea with the 365 day gig. Don’t think I could ever do it. Hope to see you Tue. or soon…


  3. It is funny how we wait for some milestone to blog about.. I do the same thing. There is value in talking about the in-between times too.. a little bit of life in there to put it all in context. Happy New Year and good luck on the 365 project!!

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