Finished Object: Wee Wonderful Pig

Wee Wonderful Pig

Isn’t he cute! That is what I thought when I saw this little piggy on Wee Wonderful last year.   This little piggy was the first Christmas item I made and was actually finished before I even had the Christmas tree decorated!

Pattern: Wee Wonderful Pig

Fabric Used: Cheapy craft felt

Notions Used: Buttons

Pattern Alterations: None

The Good:

  • Yet another free pattern from a very generous blogger – Wee Wonderful.
  • Super easy, super quick, super cute!
  • It is a pretty sizable ornament so there people won’t miss all the handiwork you put into it.

Wee Wonderful Pig

  • I didn’t buy anything for this project…not even the super cute buttons that were used on the original.  Instead I used felt for the eyes which came out pretty good.

The Bad:

  • Finding the box/mint tin/boxy bottom thing to make the cart.  I ended up dumping out my t-pins just to use the box 🙂

The Ugly:

  • This is actually the second piggy I made.  The first one looked like the Frankenstein monster because I used larger, evenly space stitches.  I didn’t look THAT bad until I stuffed it and looked at what a crappy job I did.  The trick? Patience along with  small, closely spaces stitching.

13 thoughts on “Finished Object: Wee Wonderful Pig

  1. Hey Monique, just started reading your blog and am enjoying the heck out of it! BTW, those caramel/pistachio/dark chocolate bark thingies you got for me at the gift exchange are AMAZING! Helping me pass the afternoon at work 🙂

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