Christmas Shopping Etsy Style

Sorry this post is coming so late in the game.  Lots to do, little time.  One thing that should make you all happy is that I have been Christmas crafting crazy! So next week I should have quite a few goodies to share with you.

In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to some really great Etsy stores that I have purchased from recently.  I am always a little bit leery of Etsy because although they have really great finds, you can also experience some disappointment when what you bought is not quality made or is just a hassle to get.  With these crafters and their Etsy shops I not only got a superior product but exceptional customer service as well.  Enjoy!



White Dahlia Pendant – Photos from

Zudagay White Dahlia

ZudaGay White Dahlia

This shop, this pendant both exceptionally wonderful.  Given I am a sucker for polymer jewelry but this was no exception.  The detail and execution were wonderful and I get nothing but compliments no this pendant every time I wear it…which is often.  I saw the original in her sold items area and convo’d her to see if she would be interested in making another.  This was a special order to add the ring at the top instead of the focal bead that I first saw on her site.  Delivery was also very quick and was awazed when I saw the quality of work in this pendant.  It wonderfully 3 dimensional and grabs everyone’s attention.  My mom keeps trying to steal mine.  So far I have placed two orders for 3 different pendants and plan to go back for more!


Block Party Press

My Block Necklace – photos from


I was eying this necklace for weeks before finally committing to it.  I am so glad I did!! This one is so unique and well made that I wear it all the time!  Dressed up or casual,  this has worked its way into my wardrobe and the memories of many people who have seen it on me.  When I saw it online I thought it would be heavier and highly fragile but this necklace is neither of those.  All it is ubercreative!  Delivery was quick and it was presented in a nice box with shop label.  Go check out the other WONDERFUL designs she has.  I plan on buying more on Monday when she reposts items, but you can also convo her for orders.


Jennifer Morris Beads & Jewelry

Lemonade Party Sister Earrings – photos from



Talk about CREATIVE DETAIL!! From presentation to actual finished product all of Jennifer’s items are loaded with detail!!  I ordered these a while ago and they were my first ever Etsy purchase.  Admittedly I was hesitant because it was my first etsy purchase and these were on the pricey side for me.  But I HAD TO HAVE THEM.  When I finally went to buy them they were GONE!!! Wringing my hands I convo’d Jennifer and she made me this lovely sister pair.  They are gorgeous in EVERY way; front and back , top to bottom, side to side, there is a detail to be seen.  They came in their own brocade pouch and then packed in a kraft box.  If nothing else just go over to her shop to see per unique presentation of every item and the creative words she puts with each post and then you will know that you are buying quality and true artistry!


Sweet Papery

Limited Edition – Collaboration Peacock Address Rubber Stamp – 5094 – Photos from


Now How could I pass up a stamp like this!  It was perfect for gift tags and such.  Instead of an address stamp I asked if she could add Peacock Chic at the top, with the address part replaced by “handmade by Monique”.  When it arrived it was in a cute draw string bag with the shop logo on it.  I might go back and get some stickers next!


So that sums up some wonderful items I have bought on Etsy.  Hope that helps some of you with you Christmas Shopping… After Christmas Shopping…or Just Because Shopping 🙂

Next up…some new Christmas songs I have discovered via Pandora!

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