Felt Club

365.2This weekend was a whirlwind of fun.  My best friend Jill made a spur of the moment, surprise visit for the weekend which was so cool.  We work up early, shopped, ate, crafted, slept and did it all over again.  Being so far apart from my very best friends makes me miss those days when you had friends on demand that would do all those fun things you wanted to do because they have to like the same things.

Although Saturday was super fun, Sunday was the most memorable.  We woke up super early to go and volunteer at Felt Club in LA.  We helped mark off booths and help vendors in, then went out to stand in line so we could get the super cool goodie bag.  By 8:30ish, the line was already filled with the 250 people for goodie bags but still snaked around the corner and then some.


We volunteered for our shift, shopped, crafted, ate, shopped, and crafted for 11 HOURS!!!  It was so much fun.  The highlight of the whole deal was the Swap-O-Rama.  I didn’t expect to actually participate, but then thought that I should actually make the most of it so we paid our way in and had a blast.  The point is to donate clothes (which we didn’t have…oops) and then refashion them into something else using whatever clothes you wanted.  They had booths set up for screenprinting, t-shirt bag making, stocking making, and do it yourself recreations.  It was so much fun.  I made three t-shirt bags – yes, I stood in line for the wonderful volunteer to cut off the sleeves and neckline and sew one line of stitching along the bottom – and I also had a dress screenprinted on with the owls.  However, this dress was not destine to remain a rather frumpy gingham sundress…oh no…it was meant to be my new scarf!



I am not very good at refashioning because of the  memories in all my clothes, so it was fun to use something I was not affiliated with at all which gave me a sense of total abandon!  I also got some really cool buttons out of the deal too.


After our 11 hour day we were past exhausted but it was all worth it.  I just loved my weekend.  I would say the fires put a damper on the weekend but really I have to be happy because although some of my family was evacuated they are safe now which I am truly truly thankful for.

Monday we woke up and I dropped Jill off at the airport.  What a great way to start the week!

8 thoughts on “Felt Club

  1. Hi there, I found your site due to your Amy Butler weekend bag on Google Image (I have been eyeing that bag for awhile). I love all your knitting and sewing projects. I was at the Felt Club event this weeekend also and it was my first time. I really enjoyed it!!!

  2. Glad to hear your family is out of harms way. I totally love the gingham owl scarf and what an awesome refashion. WoW! 11 hours almost which is almost comparable to my 7 hours of food shopping this weekend…lol.

  3. I saw you at Felt club taking Jenny’s embroidery class 🙂
    You were stitchin’ away. Glad you had fun & got a swag bag. I was on the 2nd side of the building in line – it wrapped all the way to the third side!! It moved quickly though – not too bad as in previous years. It was a great spot – with the Swap upstairs!! Had a blast too.

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