Peacock Collection ’08: New Look 6648

Hand on hips pose

Flutter sleeves!  I was and still am obsessed with flutter sleeves so when I saw this pattern I had to have it.  All the while I had this gorgeous yellow green fabric that I picked up at M&L that had to find the perfect pattern.  Together they made this really fun top.  Although you can’t really see it in this picture, I wore it with a plum/purple tank underneath.  I was loving this combination!  I truly felt like a peacock with such vibrant colors.

Pattern: New Look 6648, View C

Pattern Description: Easy tops with gathered waistbands – 3 variations

Pattern Sizing: 6-16.  I upsized the pattern to 18 but probably didn’t need to.

Fabric Used: 1 7/8 cheapy t-shirt fabric from M&L

Notions Used: none

Pattern Alterations: None really… except lapping the fronts more than stated in pattern.

The Good:

  • I love this fabric color.  I love that my skin tone allows me to where just about any color that would make others look sickly. It just make me feel good all day
  • The pattern worked up quick without much fuss at all.
  • Love the ruched band at the bottom.  This alone will require that I make one of each of the other 3 versions with the exception of view B which just doesn’t do it for me.

The wing

  • The shape of these sleeve on this version.  I knew that it would flutter in just the right ways…and I was right!

The Bad:

  • I upsized this pattern based on the bust size measurements to an 18 (40″ bust) but probably would have been just fine with the 16.  The waistband increase was definitely a must for my ample hips.
  • The necklines on these shirts are for Paul Bunyan shoulders because they are huge.  I saw this warning on patternreview for the boat neck version but thought I could compensate with the crossover version.  However, when I got excessive with the overlap the back neckline would gape.  It is not horrible but this shirt is definitely adjustable, meaning I am toying with it throughout the day to make sure it looks right and not showing too much bra/tank strap, but it does look cute…just could be cute and less fussy.

The ruching

  • It is hard to take pictures of these type of sleeves without resulting to the double hands on hips pose so I tried to spice it up a little to show you some other angles 🙂
  • You definitely have to wear a tank underneath this version.  Not only for the crossover being quite deep, but also the width of those sleeves will show all your girls if you are reaching too far.
  • I had to tack down the overlap to make it a little less fussy.  However, this is actually something I normally do on overlap shirts.  Actually this probably means I need to look into some mock overlap designs…

The Ugly:

  • None… really except for that damn neckline issue.  So instead I give you my voodoo picture! Why? ’cause I was feeling quite bad winged and evil during my timer pictures and I think this one is hella funny.


Yooouuuu willl make this patttternnnnn!!!!

Can you feel it?  If yes…

Yooouuuu willl leavvveee a comment toooo!!!

Hee hee 😀

Have a good weekend!!

43 thoughts on “Peacock Collection ’08: New Look 6648

  1. Damn, it worked!!!LOL….love the colour and the style too.
    Maybe cutting the neckline a couple sizes smaller would take up the slack.
    I just love your colour sense.

  2. Mo, this shirt is so cute and your voodoo pose almost makes me want to sew…..nah, I’ll keep living vicariously through you ;0) Nice job homie!

  3. Ah man! I wished I had seen it last week. There was a 3 for 1 sale on Simplicity and New Look patterns and I ended passing because I couldn’t find a third pattern…

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