Proof of Life

Yes, I have been knitting.  With the weather getting colder the urge is increasing dramatically.  I am so very happy to have my knitting back.  Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.  So here is some proof of life in that category.

morning constitutional

On the other hand, my urge to buy yarn has decreased which is rather nice since I have a stash that won’t quit.  But I have been jonesing for some tweed and found some Queensland Kathmandu DK on sale at Webs so I decided to increase my stash by a sweaters worth.  But buying yarn is not necessarily worth a blog post, especially since you most people that know me know I do not need one additional fiber of yarn.


However, the WEBS site has been updated and it looks FANTASTIC!!! I love it!!! They will definitely sell more yarn with an user interface that is so fabulous to work with.  Go over…check it out, but keep your wallets away if you don’t want to spend before Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. You are going to love Queensland Kathmandu DK, I’ve worked with it and enjoyed knitting it up. Now that I’m thinking about it… I need to pull out the couple of hanks I have left and make something. Thanks for the Webs link.

  2. Hmm, note to self: stay off Webs! I do believe that horrid interface had saved me lots of dough these past few years. (That is a great picture of your WIP, by the way! So cozy.)

  3. Thanks for this site. I’m getting back into knitting. Any suggestions for some (stylish) easy knit & crochet patterns.
    Love you blog!

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