Randomness…Halloween Style

I could have blogged about my job eating my life…depressing

I could have blogged about the election…overdone

Instead I give you complete and utter randomness in an effort to lighten the mood on this here blog and hopefully get back into the blogging swing of things…the Pop Lockin’ Optimus Prime I saw on Halloween.

Pop Lockin’ Terminator, originally uploaded by MoPix.

And here is my department from Halloween.

Halloween Luis

It is kind of an inside joke but one of our coworkers actually dresses the way we are dressed (he is the one in the dapper suit with Hawaiian shirt). He gave us permission to use him as our department theme. The funniest part was that when he told his wife we were doing this she said “See!! I told you not to go out of the house looking like that”

Next up will be a weekend recap…


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