Restaurant: Empanada’s Place

Empanada’s Place

Emotional Outcome: πŸ˜€

Empanada's Place

I had been eying Empanada’s Place for about a week or two as I whizzed past on Harbor to my many alternate lunchtime locations. I was just never comfortable thinking about spending my precious lunchtime eating an empanada. Given, I love empanada’s but to me they are a grab and go sort of food, not the sit for 30-45 minutes, chatting with your lunchmate and savoring your food sort of meal.

So on Saturday I found myself on Harbor again running errands and thought that this would be the perfect time to stop in.


They had quite a wide selection of empanadas that it became hard to choose one, but I eneded up going with the Criolla – ground beef, raisins, green onions, eggs, and assorted spices – since it was the most Typical Argentine Empanada. It took a while to get the empanada and as I waited they offered me a taste of some pretty tasty cookies they had on display.


I didn’t get the name but they seemed like a soft and light shortbread with a caramel center. They were very tasty and not too sweet but were kinda steeply priced for a dozen cookies.

Crispy outside

When I finally got the empanada it was everything I expected. Nice and golden brown outside with a crispy crunch. The inside was piping hot and super flavorful. I figured I would like the filling given my affinity for Picadillo which is very similar and it did not disappoint. I cannot wait to go back an try some of the other flavors especially on the vegetable side. I would even recommend getting the dozen pack for a party as I am sure they would be a big hit.

Fast Food

It also passed the mobility test, aka eating while driving. So if you are in the area and just can’t stomach another burger or taco to go, stop by Empanada’s place for the other on the go food option. I am sure they are also good eaten while still πŸ™‚


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