Restaurant: Auld Dubliner

Auld Dubliner

Emotional Outcome: 😦

Auld Dubliner

In an attempt to avoid the hordes of hyperactive, candy popping kids for Halloween, me and another single, childless friend decided to go out for dinner. Since we came straight from work we actually started our dinner during Happy Hour. This actually was a pretty good deal since non-well drinks were $1.00 off and appetizers were $2.00 off. So we started out by getting some appetizers

Yorkshire Pudding

The first dish to arrive was the Yorkshire Pudding – Mini Yorkshire pudding with rare roast beef and horseradish cream – presentation was nice and the texture was wonderful, too bad they didn’t they taste much like anything. The roast beef was just there and the horseradish cream was so mild it did nothing for the dish.

Smoked Salmon

Next was the Smoked Salmon – with homemade brown bread, capers, and red onions – the reason for this choice was that we were trying to avoid the potato appetizers, which was very hard, because we were going to have potato in our main meal. The promise of homemade brown bread caught my interest but could have just been some wheat bread for all I could tell.

Corned Beef Boxty

For the main dish we had the Corned Beef Boxty – Irish potato pancake stuffed with sliced corned beef and seasoned cabbage with melted swiss cheese, apple relish and horseradish mayo. I had such high hopes for this dish. I mean it is corned beef with cabbage for God’s sake!!! But alas it was a bust for me at least. It was kinda like a crepe, but was also a little sweet, and the cheese was already congealed when it got to us. The cabbage was abit odd tasting too.

The atmosphere was nice and the waitress was helpful. Later in the evening we did have to complain about how deafening the music was. I felt a little on the old lady side when we finally asked them to turn it down, but when you are sitting at a two person table and the person right across from you can’t hear a word you are saying even in your outside voice, THE DAMN MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!!! They were accommodating though, which was very nice.

All in all, I may not be that knowledgable abou Irish, or English food for that matter, but this was just ho-hum and not pleasing, even at a discounted price.


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