Bring on the Good News…

I hate the news…HATE IT!!! It is rarely ever good, always bad.  Even when the bad turns good, it is always overshadowed by more bad.  I generally try to avoid the news because it really gets me down.  I am not saying that I am trying to live in la la land, but if there is nothing I can do about it it gets me down even more.

However, with the state of the world today I can’t possibly get away from the news.  Stocks crashing here, gas rising there, bank closing everywhere!  I am feeling a little overworked and tired right now so my tolerance for this stuff is pretty low, but then again, better to be overworked than without it, right?  However, the last straw to my tolerance was the all day business meeting I was in yesterday where it was not dire (i.e. people getting fired) but there were a few people who did the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded room when you are calmly trying to escort people out.

Yeah the world is in a pretty crappy place right now, but there has to be some good news out there, right?

So dear blog readers I ask for you to shower me in your good news, whatever or however minor it is…I would greatly appreciate it.



31 thoughts on “Bring on the Good News…

  1. After 28 years and 25 years of a major championship drought, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series! I know that might not be good news for you, but the entire city of Philadelphia is walking on air right now.

  2. This is probably silly but after my break up with someone who undermined my self-confidence for four years, and a nice period of man-hating afterwards, I have a crush! It’s just very nice to feel a little like the old me again.

  3. Despite making two potentially fatal errors on the coat I am making, it looks like it’s going to be pretty nice. Which is heartening, because I’ve already spent too much time and money on it.

  4. Sometime before Christmas we will be going to Panel for approval to become adoptive parents. This time next year we’ll be planning our first Christmas with our new children. Still to meet them, but they’re out there somewhere waiting for us. Oh, and in 11 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, I’m getting married.

    If you’d have told me three years ago that this would be my life now, I’d have laughed and booked you a padded cell!!!

    Keep smiling.

  5. I’m feeling the malaise, too. Living in New York, the stress and anxiety sometimes feel palpable. However, I’m making a really strong effort to take five steps back, get perspective, and remind myself that even in these incredibly stressful times, I really have soooooooo much to be grateful for. My health, my job, my family, my two mischievous kitties, my boyfriend, my wonderful friends, a warm home…

    Trust me – I’m one of those over-analyzers who sometimes creates too much stress in her own life by thinking and stressing over every detail. So, all of this has been a huge challenge in just being grateful and zen. But I’ve gotta tell you, in those moments when I can just let go, it feels really good!

    I think I’m going to try and harness this crazy energy that’s floating around and do more writing: something I love to do, but which often falls by the wayside.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. My son made honor roll at his new school (3rd grade).
    Tuition kicks my butt…but this makes it all worth it.
    Happy Mommy!!!

    p.s. I’m like you about the news too though

  7. Well, you know me and I am generally not full of good news, BUT…you know I can always make you laugh! And if you need a laugh, I’d be happy to email you photos from our “photo shoot” at Liscat a week ago. Especially my “high fashion” pose…classic.

    Feel better! Miss you! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  8. Suzoo’s Wool Works in Costa Mesa has a great selection of yarn and accessories, and their entire stock is 20% off until the end of the year! I’ll post it on my blog later, but wanted to share with you here first.

    Chin up, friend!

  9. I started a new knitting project! Nothing lifts my mood like casting on and the promise of something new made by me with love! Knitting is my reset button for life. Sometimes, I spend too much time in my head and loose prospective. There are few things that I can actually control in this world, but I can control how I spent my free time. Knitting allows me to reconnect with the world in a simpler form, because life really is pretty simple…

  10. Oh, lady. Don’t be sad. It’s a nice time of year. We’re out of the hot summer and we haven’t hit the crazy holiday season yet. The economy will bounce back at some point. It always does.

    Here is something cheerful. My husband and I have a tradition that every year he gives me the next year’s “Extraordinary Chickens” calendar as a birthday/holiday gift. I got it this week and really, if you can look at pictures of extraordinary chickens and not feel that the world is a hopeful place, I don’t know what to say about that.

    Here’s another cheerful thing. You inspired me to buy a Ped Egg this year and my goodness, what a terrific idea that was. I salute you!

  11. I’ve finished the daughter’s Halloween costume on time! AND I found a passle (Is that a word?) of cool fabric for $1/yd and bought 20 yards worth!! Eek! I was trying to destash….oh well!! I still think its good news. 😀

  12. Well I actually missed seeing my little niece so I went to see her yesterday. Sooo adorable. Even the horrible sound that comes out of her when she drops one in her diaper is cute. And she’s growing normally and healthily so all it great.

  13. A little blue? I think you have a good excuse to plunk down in a chair, eat chocolate, watch sappy movies and blog. 🙂

    I remind myself that the world is more than what’s in the news. I’m just happy to be in the world and try and contribute. I’m with Stacey_CrimsonPurl, God in your life does a lot to help keep perspective, even when you’re blue.

    Cheer up Girlfriend, sending you love and happiness.

  14. My DD has got through the first round of “tsets” tto apply for a place at the Victorian College of the Arts here in Melbourne. She found out today that want to interview her..Yippee.

    Also I just had the best ever fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch. And remember no matter what happens with the world economy we can still sew. Cos I reccon we have enough stash to last 2 recessions!

  15. Amen, I’m with you on that! I hate that you are feeling the burn right now.

    Here’s my rather amazing news for me: tomorrow I turn in the last of my month-long-exam’s worth of papers (that is, if I stop getting distracted by your blog and get back to finishing the final one!). Then I am going to knit and sew again (after I catch up on everything I’ve been neglecting for the past several months to prep for this test, like blogging!).

    And for what it is worth, when I see you’ve posted it is always good news for my day.

  16. Dear Peacock,
    I’ve never visited your blog before – 2 many blogs, 2 little time! I found you via as I researched B 4347. You and I have some features in common and I love, love, love the way your top came out and the way it looks on you. So, I’m with you about the bad news, it really does get oppressive. But I’m so excited to have found your review and your success. I don’t know if I’ll use the pattern because of the overlapping front – my fabric has a pattern and a stripe to it and that might not work well. Still, I found you and your top and I’m inspired. That’s a great antidote to bad news any day!

  17. I have some good news. I just finished my modified Hey, Teach! sweater. And let’s see…the good news is that there is more to life than the state of the world today!

  18. I just got approved for one week vacation during a very busy week holiday session at work! I’m going to the spa and will craft like crazy!

    Also, found out i will going to Germany in the spring.

    Crazy drunk lady i’ve been training is finally outta my hair!

  19. Yeah, I’ve had a lot crappy times recently, too. One happy thing is that I saw some old college friends this weekend for a girls’ trip. It was great to feel giddy and silly and girly again! When things are rough, it is nice to have friends to ease the mind. Hope things get better for you (and for all of us!) soon.

  20. We found out on Halloween that we are expecting Boy #2!! Now to bring on the crafting!

    Coming up – Thanksgiving also brings a first time that myself, my hubby and son are going to stay @ a disney resort hotel. Yippee!!

    (This mom is tickled pink!)

  21. So sorry to hear you’re feeling blue. I enjoy reading your blog. I’m hoping now that it’s Nov. 5 and the results are in you’re feeling as happy and inspired as I am. Hang in there, you’re an amazing lady and things will turnaround soon. : )

  22. Are you still looking for good news? I have a few things…

    My daughters are 8 & 6, at peak age for holiday goodness… cookie baking, gift making, and singing carols. I keep pinching myself and trying hard to commit the happiness and cheer to memory.

    Since I’m not a baby-lover, I never really had that “aha!” moment when I realized why I wanted to be a mom. Until recently, when my 8 yo daughter started to display the wit and sense of humor that prove to me I am going to want to hang around with her when she’s past the hormonal teenager stage. 😀

    Finally, I stopped by a blog I haven’t read in a while and saw all these really cool crafting things…

    Happy holidays!

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