Ahhh…the memories

The weekend is flying by, especially since my weekend included a horribly long three day PMP class that included my Saturday off :angry: But I have not been a complete bump on a log during my only day off this week.  Instead I have done everything that is not explicitly on my to-do list, which makes me productive in a completely unplanned way 🙂

One thing that caught my attention today was scanning old family photos with the ultimate goal of creating a family photobook.  This would be #40 on my 101 in 1001.  So far I have 300+ photos scanned and a zillion more to go.

As I was scanning I found it amazing to see how many photos we have in total and how few are of me.  I maybe have a handful in total. But then again, after reviewing how I looked as I was growing up, I just have to chalk up my horrible attire to blissful ignorance  😀 I mean I was such a tomboy that clothes and making myself look nice were the last things on my mind despite my mother’s constant insistance.   Even now, I don’t make that great of an effort, but I have learned that every little bit counts especially if there is a camera anywhere in the vicinity…LOL

So that this is not completely a photoless post, here is one of my better ones.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Ahhh…the memories

  1. ooh, you’re so cute! And on a boat, no less – I swear we’ve got the same wheel in our wheelhouse!

    A nice coincidence – my dad is doing the same thing right now, scanning all of our old family photos. Some are in shoeboxes, others are in albums, but thankfully most have been labelled on the back. Every email he’s sent me in the past few months has had a random childhood photo attached. 🙂 There was even one of my mom taken the day before I was born! So keep persevering, because it’s so going to be worth it when you’re done!

  2. I need to do the same thing. Sometimes I look at pics and they make me sad, but then there are times when I see adorable pics like yours and you just have to smile. Time flies, huh!

  3. Not only cute, but in a boat! Has your reluctance to go on the water some kind of lie you’ve been telling me all of these years?

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