Restaurant: Miss Priss Cupcakes

Miss Priss Cupcakes and Such

Emotional Outcome: 😐

Miss Priss Cupcakes

My foodie friend and I stumbled on Miss Priss Cupcakes and Such during one of our dinner outings. Knowing that we would need dessert, we stopped at Miss Priss to pick up the cupcakes before we dined due to the 6 pm closure time.


The selection was pretty extensive with some exotic varieties that I had not seen before so I was impressed since I am always in search of new flavors.


I got the PB&J cupcake and my FF got the chocolate with coconut topping. Presentation wise I was very excited about my cupcake, eating wise I was completely overwhelmed by the mountain of peanut butter on top…and not in a good way. Probably my own fault for assuming but I thought maybe the peanut butter would have been cut with something a little lighter, but it was pretty intense. I ended up scooping the topping off completely and going for the cake which had the jelly inside. It was moist and good. Nothing to call home about though.

According to my FF she thought the cake and topping for her coconut variety was good and enjoyed hers immensely. Guess I should have gotten my usual coconut which seems to never fail. But then again, where is the adventure in that.

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