Kids = More Time?!

…or at least they equal superhuman powers to bend the time space continuum in order to produce infinite efficiency and effective crafting.  Because I am single with two cats and feel like a bump on a log in comparison to some of the great woman that I read about in the blogisphere who are able to take care of children AND produce more crafty goodness than me.  AMAZING.  My hat is off to you ladies.

Anyhoo, I may not be as productive as these superhuman gals, but I am making steps in the right direction by organizing my fabric stash.

It was getting a little out of control and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I stopped unpacking things out of the bag simply for lack of space…that was the first sign of a problem.  So I spent hours washing my fabrics and hanging them with trouser hangers in my closet.  These are just a smidge of the wovens I have, the knits still need to find a home.  I am tagging them with fabric content and yardage for easy reference.  I am hoping that this will be my motivation to get my booty in gear.  I still have a way to go before this organization project is complete but supposedly the first steps are the hardest.

To conclude today’s post I leave you with a chat conversation me and Jill were having during my fabric reorganization.  This came after my astonishment at how much fabric I had and my resolve to get busy and widdle away the stash:

BFF: You know as soon as you start making a dent in the fabric stash, you’ll buy more

Me: I know! Its an addiction. I am just an addict waiting to happen. Good thing I don’t do drugs

BFF: well if you did, you’d be very organized about it

Me: LOL! OMG that is hilarious

BFF: yup.  You’d be timing how long until you’d need another hit and budgeting for drugs every month

Me: LOL. LMAO! OMG you are crazy!

BFF: you know i’m right…hee

Me: I know that is why I can’t stop laughing

BFF: girl…do I know you, or do I know you!

Me: yup we both know each other better than we know ourselves

BFF: tru tru
Yup people I am just that an@l about things sometimes and it just takes you BFF to help you remember it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kids = More Time?!

  1. I still need to take sewing lessons, I tried one at Joann’s and it was BISMAL! Hated it. I made pajama pants with a huge crotch and put the pocket on the wrong size…

    that’s a great idea to hang the fabric, less wrinkles! I have too much yarn and roving in my closet at the moment to fit my fabric, I don’t have much though.

  2. I like how you have your fabric hanging!!! I only hang up my BIG stuff lol. And I agree with your BFF about buying fabric after you use a lot of it lol. I’m not buying any for the rest of this year. My only exception was vacation fabric lol. I will be shopping in November 🙂

  3. The thing about looking after kids is that you have all kinds of time when the kids don’t really need you, but you still need to be home in case someone needs string cheese or a trip to the emergency room. When you’re single and no one really needs you, you can go to a movie or out to Starbucks. Since I have to be home, I might as well do some crafting while the kids play. So yes, kids = more crafting time.

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