Restaurant: Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate


Emotional Outcome: 🙂

I am not a HUGE Starbucks fan, just a consumer with the need to caffeinated every once in a while. My standard drink is a tall, nonfat mocha simply because I have no idea what anything else on the menu is. So when I saw the Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate my ever present need to try new things kicked in and I had to have one.

Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate According to Starbucks “This delicious sweet and salty combination brings together our rich, indulgent Signature Hot Chocolate and the flavors of buttery caramel and smoked sea salt. It is topped with whipped cream, a swirl of caramel and a sprinkle of our sea salt topping – a combination of artisan sea salt and Turbinado sugar from Hawaii.”

When I got my drink I was excited. The idea of salted caramel made me think of the chocolate covered pretzels and other sweet/salty combinations that I love. I left off all the whip stuff because lord knows I don’t need another 60 calories added to my drink. I took a sip and I was bowled over. I loved the flavor and it definitely satisfied that sweet/salty craving. I was in seventh heaven drinking hot chocolate with my friend while we knit in Starbucks.

Then it all hit me. This drink is sweet people and I am not a super sweet type of person about 1/8th of the way in it was starting to get to me. Then the lactose or chocolate, which seems to not agree with my stomach in large doses, kicked in making the rest of the knitting not nearly as comfortable and relaxing. Lastly, when I opened the cup I saw little bubbles of oil on the top, not a lot but enough to make me wonder how many calories I was consuming. I got home and checked out the nutritional facts on this. Oh my gosh!! 400 calories for a tall!!

Suffice it to say I was a little shocked and was glad I only got a third of the way through the drink before giving it up.

Conclusion: It tastes great, just find two other friends to share it with so you can enjoy the experience and even save a little money in the process.


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