Weekend Wrap Up!!

Ok, I know that it is Tuesday night and even Wednesday for quite a few of you, but I had such a wonderful weekend I figured I should share.  It is a rare weekend that you truly feel like you have relaxed and enjoyed your freedom from the day to day rigamarow, but this past one was such a whirlwind of fun that I couldn’t just keep in inside.

Saturday I met up with not one but TWO good friends.  I started the day with a craft fair and lunch, and ended it with knitting, Starbucks and dinner.  While at Starbucks, I partook of the new Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate

OMG that thing is good, tasted kinda like a chocolate covered pretzel.  However, about half way through I had to give up because the lactose intolerance or whatever issue I have with uber sweet, chocolately things won out and I was a phlegmy mess (sorry if that is TMI).  Despite all that, if you can take the sweet drinks at Starbucks I highly recommend this new, most likely seasonal treat.

On Sunday I participated in my knit group’s Annual Yarn Swap.  I am so happy I did because I got some real goodies…even better than last year!

I plan to make the Clapotis Shawl with the Knitpicks Shadow in Orange that I scored.  And since Crochet is on my 101 list, I picked up some lovely red yarn that will be great for crochet.

And although Monday is not, and probably will never be considered the weekend, it was just as excited because I got my new addition to the family.

My IPHONE!!!! I named her V.I.C.K.I.  (Voice Input Computerized Knickknack Integrator) after one of the ladies at my knit group.  Since there were so many baby showers lately, I came in swaddling my new phone and treating it like a baby.   It was definitely a fun day with V.I.C.K.I. !  Now let’s just hope my not so subtle hints of gift registry at the Apple Store and Fry’s pay off.

Now back to the FO parade that will continue after this post…


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up!!

  1. I am DYING of laughter…my mom will be SO pleased! Thanks for a great Saturday night. Definitely have to do it again, way sooner though!

  2. I’ll have to check out that Starbucks drink – salt and chocolate go surprisingly well together, don’t they? I love sea salt truffles.

    Enjoy your iPhone! I love how you named it. I can’t imagine life without mine.

  3. Wow…I love my new neice, V.I.C.K.I.. She is so lucky to have you as her mom and me as her auntie. I know that she will be the “Apple” of your eye. XOXOXOXO

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