Peacock Collection: Butterick 4347

Since we started the Finished Object Parade talking about my knit fabric class, I figured I would show you my second assignment.  Although this is my second assignment, it is actually my third shirt.  The second was a disastrous New Look pattern that had weird shoulder darts per the pattern, and a weird hunchback, overstretched, holey neckline, courtesy of my horrible “stretch and sew” technique.  It now resides in a landfill somewhere.  My third shirt, however, came out pretty good for a pattern with more than two pieces.

Pattern: Butterick 4347

Pattern Description: Close-fitting top has long sleeves, neckline extending into collar or shawl collar

Pattern Sizing: Size Lrg

Fabric Used: Sophia Double Knit (67 percent Polyester 30 percent Rayon 3 percent Spandex)

Notions Used:None

Pattern Alterations: Petite Alternations

The Good:

  • I love the fabric!! The Sophia Double knit is to die for.  It is also pretty expensive.  I was happy to have bought it at 25% off so it wasn’t THAT bad.  I am now on the constant hunt for this fabric on sale.
  • I really like the color of the fabric.  I don’t have very many garments with this coloring so it makes me feel refreshed for the fall.
  • The pattern was pretty easy.  Nothing too bad

The Bad:

  • Staytape is your friend.  USE IT!  The pattern didn’t state the need for staytape this time so I forged on without it.  Bad idea.  I think the shoulder seams have stretched a bit due to the lack of stablization.  Ah well next time.

  • The armholes are too long.  If I lift my arms it find of tugs up and creates a bit of a bat wing.  I should have done  a 3/8″ petiting in the armholes as I do on Burda patterns.  I also think the lack of staytape a the shoulder accentuates this problem even more.  The solution?  Push the sleeves up.  It relieves the pulling and makes the garment okay to wear.
  • The neckline is a bit fussy.  Even in the picture you can see all the wrinkles.  I think I will slip stitch the collar right at the seamline in the front as that seems to be wear it want to be anyway.  That way I am not always fussing with it.
  • Not really a bad thing but something to note.  The front is a double panel of fabric so this is a pretty substantial shirt.  It should be great for the fall.

The Ugly:

  • For a knit garment, this shirt has a lot of handwork at the hems.  I blindhemmed the sleeves and the bottom which I think gives it a polished look, but man was it a pain.  I think the hemming took longer than the whole shirt! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Peacock Collection: Butterick 4347

  1. The shirt looks FABULOUS. You did a great job. I, too, really love the color on you. Great job! When are we going to see some of your current knitting projects?!?!?!!??!?

  2. This color is great on you! It highlights your face and just looks wonderful. I know what you mean about all the hand sewing…especially with knits. It seems to me that when we think of knit sewing, that we tend to think it can all be done by machine. But just like woven fabrics – in order to get a good fit or to fit something ( e.g. an armhole) precisely that one does best to fall back on hand sewing. – to baste in the piece.

    Again. great job.

  3. You look fantastic in this! I just love the style – very flattering. I can’t see a thing wrong with it – I think you did an amazing job,


  4. As Sheila said, I have seen Sophia knit offered at, Vogue Fabrics, etc. I would just Google search it to find it.

    It is probably similar or exactly something all you well seasoned knit fabric users have used but it is new to me :O)

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