Awards, Memes and Me


How cool is it to be nominated for so many things in the blogiverse.  It is kinda like winning an Oscar, especially when your award looks like this:

I was given this prestigious award my Mirela at Cutting Edge Stitches & Seams.  I am so pleased because she has such great sewing ability and pictures to boot!  Love her blog!

7 sewing facts about me

I was tagged at Kim’s Kouture, Dei’s Delight,and hopieknits with a “7 sewing facts about me” meme so I figured I would give up the goods about my sewing background:

  1. My sister is a horrible sewing teacher.  Being under her tutelage at age 8 while trying to sew camoflage canvas bags on a sewing machine is my first and worst memory of sewing.  My lesson lasted all of 30 minutes.
  2. My first real sewing as an adult was an apron in a sewing class.  I forgot to put down the pressure foot and thoroughly clogged the class machine.  I was so hard on myself that I almost quit the class.  Good thing I didn’t.
  3. I LOVE Burda magazines.  I have only had the subscription for 11 months but have over 30 magazines already.
  4. I sew on a $75.00 Singer Prelude that my sister bought at Target.  I am normally an equipment junkie but I love my machine and it has given me a new respect for not always having to have the BEST OF THE BEST to get the job done.
  5. I don’t like starting new sewing projects on a weekday.  The proper cutting and fitting of the pattern just mentally exhausts me.  But if I have the pattern ready to go I am a weekday speed demon.
  6. I just learned how to sew using knit fabric.  It is not terribly hard but I built it up in my head so much that I didn’t want to mess up.  Now I think I am addicted.
  7. I never even though of Home Ec as a real class in High School.  Now I can’t help but look around my knit group and sewing classes and think of how much we could have benefited from this course.  Now as adults we have to relearn all this stuff and pay for it too!  Better late than never I guess.

My eighth, non-sewing related item is that I am not very good with chain letters, forwarding memes, or returning voice mails (I am very good at e-mails though) so instead of specifically passing it along and requiring others to do this meme,  I am going to leave you with some great blogs that I have not seen mentioned thus far on other blogs for this meme.  Check them out!

Nibbles and Bytes

The Incurable Homebody

Kiss My Stitch


Noueuse d’aiguillette (in french but with great pictures, I try and follow along via google translate)


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