Taking Care of Unfinished Business

That is the theme for this weekend and you oh blog and blog readers will serve as my accountability.  And since I am a project manager in real life, I know the value of a list and a goal so for the next two days I hope to be clearing out my ever growing W.I.P. piles with the fire of a woman truly obsessed.

I definitely have my first line item – doing nothing – thoroughly completed or at least overdone so  I figure I should progress on to some others…

Finish my owls cause they are so cute! – DONE

  • stitching bases
  • adding eyes

Finish Camellia (sans flutter sleeve) started back on February – DONE

  • Seam sides
  • Finish neckline

Finish my Franzi vest from the unfinished wardrobe contest – DONE…I don’t know what took so long but I love it!

  • buttonholes/buttons
  • add vest buckle

Finish purple linen overblouse that has been languishing unlovedDONE…enough for Goodwill

  • add drawstring
  • hems
  • buttonholes/buttons

Finish my 01-2008-118 shirt from the unfinished wardrobe contest

  • figure out buttonband
  • sleeves
  • collar
  • buttonholes/buttons
  • hems

With any luck I will finish quite a bit of these tasks and come back with lots of blog fodder. So wish me luck and have a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “Taking Care of Unfinished Business

  1. There is nothing like a completed list. You are definitely knocking out your Wips.

    I’m so looking forward to your Vest, you know I’m on a vest kick… lol.

    Thank You for the lovely compliment on my vest and definitely do the argyle vest its such a great addition to any wardrobe.

  2. I think I read that thing in BWOF about not adding seam allowance to one side of the button placket and was just as confused. I’m sure they have some kind of fiendishly clever construction method that would be awesomely fantastic. I just ignored it and cut the button band with normal seam allowances and sewed it on the normal way. It came out great. In fact, i wore the blouse just last week and felt very spiffy.

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