Seattle – Savor Seattle Food Tour

Recently I took a trip to Seattle with my BFF and partner in crime Jill. Eating is our specialty, in that we do it in mass and often. I knew Seattle was known for its foodie culture but food, although always on the agenda, was not the main intention for our trip to Seattle. However, of the 200+ pictures taken during the trip 190 of them were food, food and more food, so who are we kidding. Seattle is definitely a hot spot for food!

Savor Seattle Food Tour

Emotional Outcome: :mrgreen:

Now I HAVE to tell you about the best part of the trip, our Savor Seattle Food Tour. If you ever visit Seattle, whether it is your first time or a repeat visit you HAVE to go on a Savor Seattle Food Tour. We found Savour Seattle while perusing through various review sites and saw all the wonderful reviews of this tour. I am always a little leery of organized tours but after reading all the rave reviews I had to try it.

There are two tours offered – the Pike Place tour and the Downtown Seattle Tour. We chose the newer Downtown Seattle Tour based on the first line in the tour description…”Do you consider yourself food-adventurous?”. My response of course was “hell yeah!” and the wonderful description of the potential samples only made it better. Given the Downtown Tour was a little more pricey than the Pike Place tour but worth every…single…penny.

I won’t go through all the stops on the trip because you really do need the excitement and energy of Angela, owner and our guide, to truly do the experience justice. However, I will give you some highlights of the tour that will make your mouth water and guarantee that you will be on this tour the next time you are in town.

Serious Pie.

Emotional Outcome: :mrgreen:

The name says it all. This was some serious pie…period! Now when I first saw the restaurant sign I though pie in the sweet filling variety but was not disappointed when I found the best dish of the trip – Roasted Mushroom and Truffle Cheese Pizza.

Just looking at it makes my mouth water. According to the chef the truffle flavor comes solely from the cheese which is only melted and not “browned” or cooked in order to preserve the original flavor and quality of the cheese. The dough was very crispy on the bottom but very light in the middle. The pizza was sprinkled with Murray River Salt, which I need to get my hands on because it really made the pizza pop. Jill and I came back to Serious Pie after the tour and had it for dinner that very same day . Yes…it is THAT good.

Place Pigalle

Emotional Outcome: :mrgreen:

My second favorite place on the tour was Place Pigalle. It was located behind the Pike Place Market and had a great view of the water. Our sample of choice here was the Steamed Mussels Pigalle which is a house specialty.

Now I am no mussel connoisseur they are alright and I can take them or leave them, but at the end of this sample there was nothing left except the shells and had they been edible they would have been gone too. What really made these mussels, outside of their freshness, was the bacon, celery, shallots, balsamic vinaigrette was napped across the mussels and pooled at the bottom of our little sampler cup.

Everyone had their own method for trying to get at the juices once the mussels were gone, whether it be via spoon or crouton, but in the end we were given license to indulge ourselves by picking up the ramekin and devouring the remnants. It was good to the last drop!

Bavarian Meats

Emotional Outcome: 😀

I really liked this stop because it was so unexpected. “uhh…we are going to eat cold cuts?” Yup, and they were good too! The shop ladies were so nice and presented us with a tray of wonderful samplers to try.

My favorite was the landjager sausage. We even received a lesson on distinguishing hot versus sweet mustard so you get the right one to accompany your charcuterie.

Not everyone would put this stop at the top of their list for the tour, but I thought it was very original and a departure from the pop and circumstance of restaurant presentation. Instead it was all about the meat, pure and simple. A definite must for the carnivores of Seattle.


Emotional Outcome: 🙂

Our final stop of the tour as Gelatiamo where we were given a tour of the gelato making kitchen and process. Who knew that gelato is not just another code word for ice cream? Probably a lot of people, but did you know that they even have to be stored at different temperatures? Just one of the fun facts you learn on this tour.

Our sampler was coconut gelato and blueberry sorbetto. Coconut…I like coconut…I love the coconut gelato. It was so smooth and had a truly bold coconut flavor.

I even closed my eyes a few times while I let the gelato melt on my tongue. Yummy. It was the perfect finale to our tour.

Now although I picked only 4 places to highlight here, I could have gone on and on, but I will leave that up to Angela who did a great job with this tour. Here attitude about food and Seattle culture is reflected in her choices of featured locations and the true concern she has for her audience. The personal audio devices (think 80’s walkman) was an ingenious touch for this tour. I loved being able to indulge myself in food photography while still being able to hear Angela’s narration.

The other tour touch I liked was the pink umbrella, so simple and so effective. In the market, where there is so much to see and photograph, I never got lost due to the ever visible fuchsia umbrella.

In summary, great tour, great presentation, a must for visitors and seattlites alike. I can’t wait to go back and take another tour because Angela is a true believer of F.L.O.S.S (fresh, local, organic, sustainable, and seasonal) so I know that each visit will hold something new for me to savor.

If you are a true glutton for culinary overload, you can check out my pictures from the trip on my Flickr Account.

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