Seattle – Final Food Installment

4 long posts later and we finally come to the end of our Seattle/Vancouver food reflection. Boy was that some eating we did. But in all fairness this is really a documentary of just about everything that went into our mouths over 5 days so we were not THAT gluttonous :smile:. Ok, we were, but it was all for you! We had to bring back all the juicy details of Seattle culinary offerings right. Anyway, lets continue with our final food installation shall we.


Emotional Outcome: 😐

Andaluca was actually a repeat visit location for us. It was originally the second stop on our Savor Seattle food tour. On the tour we had sampled the Crispy Duck Cake and House made Sangria

Crispy Duck Cake with apricot chutney and cucumber riata – Now I hear this duck cake is supposed to be one of the top selling dishes for Andaluca and dug in with pretty high expectations. I love duck, the crispy outside was nicely browned, and the presentation was wonderful. What I found was confusion. Duck has a pretty distinctive taste therefore I expected this dish to explode in my mouth based on the sheer mass of duck. Instead I thought it was pretty flat and uneventful. The sauce however, was good, but techniquely the duck should have been the higlight of this dish.

Sangria – Now this was a delight. I like refreshing and pleasantly spiced with cinnamon and cardamom infusion into an apple cider starter, this drink was a nice take on a familiar drink.

We decided to try Andaluca again because it held so much promise from our first visit and our quick persusal of the menu while we were there on the tour. On our return trip to Andaluca I was ready to be wowed because the beauty of a pinxtos restaurant is that the plates are so small you get to sample so much of what a restaurant has to offer.

Bing Cherry Salad with goat cheese, almonds and honey vinagrette – For me this was just another salad. The cherries were completely lost in the salad and were more a potential source of fiber than a highlight of the dish.

Gazpacho Trio – almond with shaved grapes; cucumber with romaine chiffonade & crab meat; tomato with goat cheese & grilled prawn (upper corner) – We started with this dish and it was very hit and miss. The cucumber with crab and tomato goat cheese gazpachos were definitely the hits. Both had definite remnants of hot summers and refreshing food. The grilled shrimp and tomato gazpacho was defintely the clear winner. The Almond gazpacho was definitely a miss for me. Weirdly enough it reminded me of mayonnaise and the grapes did not help bring it together at all. One spoon full and I had already had enough.

Mini Crab Tower – dungeness crab, avocado, palm hearts, gazpacho salsa – The crab tower was our next pinxto. The presentation was excellent, the taste a bit lackluster. Tasted like crab formed in a cylinder. The grapefruit was excellent though. Once again, not the acccoutremon should not be the highlight.

Spicy Calamari – brushcetta, tomato, saffron aioli (top left) – This was the best part of the meal. This was the best calamari I have tasted. I loved the bold flavor of the sauce that was sopped up by the bruschetta underneath. Yum, Yum Yum.

Pulled Oxtail with natural juice and pan fried bread (center, blue plate) – This was my first time eating oxtail and definitely not my last. This dish just melted in your mouth. The oxtail was definitely strong enough to stand on its own with only be pan fried bread underneath to grab the remaining juices. Very good.

UN PAELLA – large prawn, chicken, chorizo, aborio rice, harissa butter saffron broth (top right) – Now me and Jill strongly disagreed about this dish. I was unimpressed whereas she love it. I am more than willing to concede on this because I cannot explain why this did not resonate with me. I just took one bite and didn’t yearn to go back. Guess that is not much of a review but I then again that may tell you everything you need to know. Choose your own adventure.

Liquid Chocolate Cake with Cherry cocoa nib semifreddo, tart cherry sauce – Hallelujah for the chocolate cake. It was so gooey and yummy inside and the sweetness of the chocolate married well with the tart cherry sauce. I love my chocolate with fruit and this was so good. The semifreddo was not up my alley but I will chalk that up to personal preference. The texture was slightly weird and the cocoa nibs were distracting. It was also nice that unlike the duck cake and crab tower, the plate decoration added to the dish instead of becoming its only redeeming factor. Jill had the brandy snap and I ate the chocolate covers cherry.

The Hi Life

Emotional Outcome: 🙂

Starving for lunch in Ballard, a small area of Seattle, we asked one of the local shop owners for a food suggestion. Hi Life was her recommendation. The menu was extensive and in the end both Jill and I forgot about lunch and tried the more creative breakfast options.

I unfortunately forgot what Jill had but I had the Mushroom Herb Omelet with potatoes and a side of bacon. I liked the sauteed mushroom inside and the addition of the herbs to the egg mixture so that it was spread evenly throughout the dish. What I didn’t like is that the egg was overcooked and a bit rubbery. After getting about halfway through, I opened the omelet and finished eating the mushroom filling. The potatoes were good too.

Piroshky Piroshky

emotional outcome: 😐

Jill spotted Piroshky Piroshky on our Savor Seattle Tour. It was not a stop on our Downtown Tour but we made it a point to return before the end of our trip. The line was pretty long but moved fairly quickly. It also gave us a bit more time to peruse the offerings and decided on what filling to choose. Not having any prior research on which filling was the best, I closed my eyes and did a last minute “eeny meany miney mo” section process.

Chicken, Mushroom, Rice Piroshky – I don’t think my selection process worked out too well for me on this one. Or maybe it did originally but my last minute indecision made me change from the potato, mushroom, and onion to chicken and rice. I can only imagine the potato and mushroom one would have been better because this one was not very good. It tasted a little like baby food to me as the chicken was not very flavorful and the rice didn’t add much other to the meal other than filler. The semi flakey crust was pretty dense and oily. However, I was hungry and it was consumed in full. The coke chaser helped to keep the oil moving through my system.

Beef and Cheese Piroshky – This was Jill’s choice and I think she was on the right track. I should have kept it simple and classic because the beef in hers was really good and backed a punch. It was still pretty dense, but what do you expect from a meat roll. The Russians are not known for their lean cuisine.

So that concludes our food tour of Seattle. Overall opinion…I loved it! So much so that I need to spend many hours in the gym to make a dent in the pounds gained from eating. Would I do it again? Absolutely! and I highly recommend you do it too.


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