Peacockchic eats Seattle

At least that is what it felt like. 5 days of masochistic, hedonistic, gluttony! And boy did I love it 😀  I of course went with the best person for this, my BFF Jill (a.k.a. JGuyver) .  Now I would love to tell you about the space needle and the water or the bubbershoot but really of the 200+ pictures, 190 of them were food so who am I kidding.

However, this presents a perfect opportunity to introduce you to my new food blog Emotional Eats!  It is going to be a collaborative effort between me and one of my local foodie buddies so that we have an excuse to visit, cook and eat out more often.

So come on over to…

Emotional Eats

and check out all the the food fooder from my trip.

Just a sneak peek to wet your appetite 😛


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