The Cupcake Showdown

Jill, my BFF, should really be writing this post. Cupcakes and dessert are definitely her area of expertise in terms of quality control. I think it has something to do with the small, cute, and portable factor that make her so enamored with them. But don’t be fooled, this girl’s dessert palette is quite refined she just happens to be a cupcake connoisseur.

Trophy Cupcakes – Seattle

Emotional Outcome: πŸ™‚

This cupcake shop was featured during cupcake week on the Martha Stewart show which is how Jill found out about this shop and made it a “must” on our Seattle food frolick. This very cute cupcake shop was located in a small mall of other shops including clothing and yarn shops.

Each day they change the cupcake menu to breed variety. We obvious caught them at high time because the cupcake selection was pretty scarce. Not really a problem for me because we all know I love coconut! LOL!

Triple Coconut Cupcake – First off, do all coconut items come in triples? Is single coconut not enough? Anyhoo, the cupcake was pretty sizable with buttercream frosting and coconut sprinkled on top. For me, the cupcake frosting was a little dense. I like my frosting on the lighter side. The cake was pretty good making the experience satisfactory. The fork was a must to keep down on the mess.

They also sell coffee and tea drinks to go with your sweet cupcake morsel. Mine took FOREVER!!! I ordered a mocha and waited for at least 10 minutes. Given they were busy with only one barista, but it too so long I had to actually ask if they had my order. Jill also bought a shirt which too the poor salesgirl forever to find as well. Guess Martha only went for the cupcakes.

Cupcakes – Vancouver

Emotional Outcome: πŸ˜€

Cupcakes was part of our Vancouver stop. We just happened upon it on our way to dinner and Jill made sure it was a stop on our return trip to the car. I was glad she did. I really enjoyed the cupcakes here. The cake was moist and the frosting was light and airy, just the way I like it.

Red Velvet – red cocoa cake topped with a cream cheese frosting and dusted with white sugar. This was my attempt at NOT eating coconut. It was very good. The cake was perfect, the frosting not too overpowering and sugary. If the red velvet was that good, Imagine what the coconut cupcake would have been like. LOL!

Caramella – chocolate cake filled with caramel, topped with caramel butter cream and sprinkled with praline. Now I cannot comment too much on this cupcake because cupcakes are hard to share when you are walking and eating. Plus I was so full and Jill was so happy to have the cupcake that neither of us thought to share until the it was all gone. I did however, note the excitement when Jill found out it had caramel inside. I love good food surprises!

There were also a lot of added features about Cupcakes that I really liked, outside of the cupcakes themselves. Each cupcake had such a creative, playful name and flavor combination. They even have SEASONAL ones. How great is that?! You should go over to their site and click on all the icons to see all the yummy descriptions. I also liked that they had different sizes. Had I not been full from dinner and a little wiser, I would have bought a couple mini cupcakes to expand my sampling. Ah well next time.

So in the end I tasted I have to give my vote to Cupcakes.


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