Seattlites Unite!

…’cause we am coming your way!! By “we” I mean me and my friend Jill who you might have met during this trip. (please disregard blatant UFO at the bottom of that post. Thanks)

I feel like such a jet setter this year with all the trips I have been going on. However, unlike jet setters I do not have unlimited means πŸ˜• Ah well, you only live once and after pooling our free ticket, frequent flyer pts, and splitting the rest, of the cost this trip should also be pretty budget in comparison to what it could have cost. So off to Seattle we go!

Now, what to do when I get there? Hmm….maybe I should clarify….what to eat, see, and buy while I am there πŸ˜€ This is where I look to you oh blogging universe…

Can you tell me where the best fabric, yarn, and food places are in Seattle since these are always my first travel priorities. I already booked a food tour with Savor Seattle to start off our trip…can wait! Then can you tell me any “must see” locations while I am there? I promise to come back with lots of pictures to share in return

Thanks in advance from Peacock Chic

Jet Setter and International Woman of mystery 😎


13 thoughts on “Seattlites Unite!

  1. I’m with you on the travel budget. My mom had to buy my ticket to Panama and for that I’ve been sewing curtains like a factory girl. Next weekend I’m flying to Chicago and it’s only for the grace of frequent flyer miles that I’m going!

  2. I went to Seattle this summer and had a fabulous time. I would vote for going to Little Knits, but be prepared to spend $$$. BTW, we took the “Duck Tour” which was cheesy but so much fun and a good overview!

  3. Weaving Works is my favorite yarn store, in the U-district, and if you go on a Saturday, you get the bonus of the U-district farmers market.

    Hilltop Yarn is near Kerry Park which is where you get the great view of the Space Needle and downtown.

    So Much Yarn is near Pike Place Market, which you really must go to. I’m a local and I absolutely love going to the Market. There is a quilt store within the market which is okay, but there is a store that has Marimako fabric which is expensive, but great to drool over. And there is a great gelato place a couple of door down from there which is also a good place to drool.

    For fabric, you must go to the Quilting Loft in Ballard. And Ballard has some great food choices. My favorite sandwich shop, Other Coast is nearby. It only accepts cash, but the sandwich is so big it can be your only meal. (You WANT the Ragin’ Cajun, even if you don’t know it yet.)

    Also there is La Carta de Oaxaca, which is near Other Coast and really reasonable, there just might be a bit of a wait to get in.

    If you need a tour guide for a day, feel free to look me up.

    just email me,

    Have a great time, you inspired me to take a stay-cation of my own.

  4. Hit Pacific Fabrics, sorry i can’t remember where it’s located as my visit was a few years ago. They have a nice selection, some fabrics are a little pricey. Have a ball!

  5. The Fiber Gallery in Greenwood (I work there)and the Quilting Loft in Ballard are good places to stop.
    Any Tom Douglas restaurant (Serious Pie, Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Palace Kitchen or Etta’s).
    Check the Sheepless in Seattle group on Ravelry because there are a lot of threads for visitors to Seattle.

  6. I am still catching up on reading blogs, too bad I was on vacation while you were in Seattle, I would have loved to meet up with you but it sounds like you got some great recommendations. Now I’m off to check out your new food blog πŸ™‚

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