I Need to Feed My Blog

So it seems that I am blogging as often as I water my plants. From that you should deduce that all my plants are either dead, dying, or cacti πŸ™‚ However, since I love my blog it is in no danger or falling by the wayside.

In fact, my excuse was that I was ashamed to blog despite my continuing to craft. I was holding out due to a number of bad experiences and lack of commitment. However, I have decided to come out of the crafting closet (as though there is enough room for anything else outside of the yarn, fabric, and occasional clothes) and tell you what I have been up to with a commitment for more blogetry. However, I will begin this resolution on Thursday, for now I will show you a few new things about me.

New Attitude coupled with new hair

I got it out of braids because i just needed a rest. I absolutely love natural hairstyles and will probably sport one for the rest of my life if I can help it. It is a coupling between “loving the look” and “being lazy” that make me love my natural hair. Of course with a funky new hair style comes the “I’m every woman attitude”. Don’t get me wrong, India Arie is right when she sings “I am not my hair” but man a cute hairstyle can definitely pick you up too.

Also the vest in the picture is not only thrifted but handmade!!! I bought it at a thrift store a while ago and never got around to wearing it. From my new hairstyle I was inspired to “make it work”. It is very Afro-Matrix since it flows as you walk. I wanted to do that slow motion, bullet dodge, limbo move all day πŸ˜€

New Perspective on Shoes

Big Feet ladies unite!! Cause it is all about the Nordstrom Rack Big Ass Boat Feet Sale (aka Large Size Shoe Sale). This sale has helped me to realize what a quality shoe really is. Until recently my shoe mecca was Payless because they actually carried 12 Wide shoes (yes, they are 12’s and I make my mom feel guilty for it every time…damn genetics). But since I have found other outlets in my stingy meager cheap frugal range such as Torrid and Avenue but none as great and as high quality as Nordstrom’s rack. See that little heel on the end of the wedge, that makes these shoes golden because I can actually reheel the wedge!

Given I did have to put a 60 year old, 6’2, 4 inch heel wearing male cross dresser in his/her place when he was eyeing my shoes and trying to shop out of my basket, but in the end all went well and no one was hurt

New Sex Appeal

At the aforementioned shoe sale, I also acquires some CFM pumps. These puppies are the highest in price and heel height that I have ever purchased but they were CALLLLIIINNGG to me. I HAD to have them. The deal was sealed when I went strutting past the very cute black sales associate who had been watching me try on previous shoes and he said

“THOSE are the one I like!”



Now I may need to get some new ankles because although they have a 1″ platform in front, they have a 5″ heel 😯 I wish I had thought to take a picture because I was sewing and ironing in these shoes to make sure they were properly broken in because these things are going to be worn OUT πŸ˜€ LOL

Anyhoo, I will come back soon with some finished projects and WIP updates as proof that I am still knitting, sewing and alive!


25 thoughts on “I Need to Feed My Blog

  1. Hey, I agree you do look fantastic. Natural has it’s pluses and yours certainly has a twist & attitude! Am planning to wear braids for the winter because I want to wear my Berets as much as I can on those cold days!

  2. “Given I did have to put a 60 year old, 6β€²2, 4 inch heel wearing male cross dresser in his/her place when he was eyeing my shoes and trying to shop out of my basket” — I lost my morning tea over this! I’m with you on the natural hair.

  3. Lurker checking in! Love your blog and the new do suits you.

    Cosigning on Nordies Rack, def the stylish place for us boot feet ladies! I also recommend Ninewest.com.

  4. Love the new hair too! Yes, I need to feed my blog more as well. And I could do that if I could take some decent photos, dammit! Can’t wait to see what you have to show us!

  5. The shoes are fabulous! I know how they make you feel. I have a pair of leopard print kitten heeled mules (picked out by my 5 year old, I would never have given them a second look on my own) that I get raves on every.single.time I wear them.

    Between the shoes, the stunning vest and funky hair, you are one wonderful-looking woman!

  6. Nordstoms rocks!!! I have the opposite problem, well same problem, oppposite end of the spectrum, size 4 feet. I don’t need to tell you the problems I have!

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