More Crafting Fodder!!

Oh snap!! The internet if bursting with new crafty inspiration!!!


Have you heard about the Twist Collective?!  I just read about it on Ysolda’s blog and clicked over. The presentation of this new online knitting magazine is SUPERB!!! You have got to go over right now.


Oh wait, if you knit AND sew, then hold on a minute cause I just heard about a sewing site I didn’t know about either.  Mirela at Cutting Edge Stitches and Seams brought up a site called that has free sewing patterns you can print ala burdastyle.  It doesn’t look like all their patterns are available yet, but I can wait for free stuff 🙂

So there you go, no pictures but a whole lotta links so get your crafty booty moving and get your fix at one of the new dealers of crafty goodness.

Oh! And big thanks to all the entrepreneurial minds of the internet, from the old to the new, without you we would still be making granny squares and aprons without the joy of finding the new, blossoming designers and a the supportive crafting community around the world! Kudos!


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