The Only Tool You Will Ever Need

Man!!! I used to love McGyver!!! Too bad this isn’t a real…umm…toy. :worry:

Now if they had other McGyver tools such as the rubber band, chewing gum, and chapstick it would be a full set!

As you can see the crafting is not going too well so odd internet surfing and weird blog posts may ensue. If you are interested, I found this randomness over here


10 thoughts on “The Only Tool You Will Ever Need

  1. My fav McGyver knitting thing is the safety pin. I use it for so many things!! 🙂 BTW, I didn’t get a chance to mention that the other “as seen on TV” rating site you linked to was hilarious! I’ll admit I had been tempted by the Shamwow commercial when they showed it being used to help dry out a sweater. How awesome is that?! Well, that particular site didn’t rate the Shamwow, but it lead me to find another site that did. Sadly, the Shamwow is a sham. Wow.

  2. I love the MasterCard commercial with him. I love his resourcefulness. And the guy should be revered for being able to stop things from going really bad consistently 1 second before they do. That’s talent. I think at some point, I realized as a young kid watching it that they weren’t going to kill him off because he was the whole show.

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