Leaving on a Jet Plane…


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Yup, I almost forgot to tell you all that I am going on vacation to Montreal, Canada soon 😀 . I really don’t know much about the city itself but I had a free ticket, wanted to go as far as it would take me, and have heard great things about the city so I thought to myself…why not? I am traveling with my one of my best travel buddies so it should be fun and relaxing.

However, I need some advice on great places to see, eat, and buy crafty stuff a la yarn and fabric in Montreal. Please help so I can maximize my hedonism while there 😛

Thanks in advance!


9 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane…

  1. The only time I’ve been in Montreal was when we tagged along with my dad to a conference when I was 9 years old, but I do remember thinking the Botanical Gardens there were pretty awesome, for whatever the long-ago opinions of a 9-year-old are worth!

    Have a fun, safe trip!

  2. Gurl, I completely forgot to respond to your question in the email. Knit wise I recommend Mouliné Yarns, Effiloché and Ariadne knits. Google all of them, they have online sites and yes you will be served in English at all these stores.

    Our fabric Valhalla is St-Hubert st, North of Jean-Talon st.

    For drinks and food al fresco, you can go to the Gay Village, they’ve closed off Ste-Catherine St to cars so they all have outdoor patios.

    And I do believe that the Jazz fest is currently underway.

    Shoot I’m meeting a friend tonight but tomorrow I will be back for more…

  3. OOoh! Have a wonderful trip!!
    I can’t wait to see Montreal thru your eyes! :o)

    Be safe and have lots of fun!

  4. Very cool! My husband and I are going next week also to Montreal for a week. I have no idea what to do, but it is my task to get a plan. I’ll let you know if I find any crafty loveliness in my research.

  5. I’m getting the impression from guidebooks and my beloved March ’06 issue of Gourmet that it’s basically impossible to eat poorly in Montreal, which makes me very very happy. If I could find a home cook who would teach me how to make some local specialties, I would be even happier.

    There’s a good list of indie boutiques here:
    I’m not sure if anything on this list is my style, but it’s a good place to start looking. Lustre looks pretty good as does Maskarad and Wooden Apples.

    efflioche.com is a knitting/sewing lounge…apparently, they’re working on getting a selection of fabrics. Bummer. But you can rent time on machines, which would be handy traveling away from home.

    It looks like C&M Textiles (7500 rue saint-hubert)has a lot of formal fabrics and about a gazillion home dec fabrics (there’s 697 pages on their website!).

    It’s a start. More research needed for me at any rate. 😉

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