Does it Work? MSN gives us the inside scoop

Did I ever tell you I have a foot fetish? Not in the “oh they are sexy” sort of way but in the “no feet on the dash board”, “go get a pedicure”, “no acrylic toenails”, sort of way. I know that pedicures are expensive so I have a solution for that cracked heal issue that everyone, including me, suffers from during the summer months.

The PedEgg!! This thing rocks. My mom brought one back from her vacation and I was skeptical but tried it out. Holy cow did it work. It’s kinda like a cheese grater for the feet which produces finely grated foot cheese (see top right photo). EEWWWWW!!!! 😯 yeah I know…that is what I said but man is it good. Actually it worked a little too well in one spot so it is a little sour (update: feels better the second day) but man do my feet feel good. Given I didn’t have nearly that amount of…ummm…foot sediment at the end and it was definitely cheaper than a pedicure. My verdict…two thumbs up.

However, the best part of this post is not about the PedEgg at all, but the site I found in pursuit of a proper web link. Does it Work is an MSN site that reviews “As seen on TV” gadgets like those the Ped-Egg.

I know you probably don’t feel like clicking over so here are a few of the best excerpts from the bunch. However, I HIGHLY recommend you click over because I was laughing so hard I was crying! also the Hula one has video that simply should not be missed!

Hula Chair Review (w/video on the site!) – HULA CHAIR: SITTING DOWN GETS DANGEROUS

On the highest, the chair bucked, thumped, crept across the room, threw me against its unpadded arms and generally beat me up. At no point did I feel like I was doing the hula.

But working your muscles isn’t supposed to be comfortable, right? That’s the point. No pain, no gain.

I’m just not sure a diaper rash is the right kind of pain. One of the days I tested the Hula Chair I wore a skirt with a rough texture. Add the friction of an hour’s worth of gyrating movement on the chair’s seat and a little sweat and the next morning I was digging through a cupboard for an old jug of baby powder. Clothing wasn’t on the manufacturer’s list of 27 “safety points for attention,” but it did warn away those with “serious bleeding wounds,” people with “equipment trapped inside” and “persons that need a rest cure” from using it. Also, stay off it when you’re wet. Word to that.


…But instead of waking up peaceably to the early glow of the simulated morning light – which I completely missed because my internal night owl grabbed a pillow and covered my face – I awoke to my Pomeranian marching in place on my chest and barking at my pillowed face. When I uncovered an eye, I discovered that the sun alarm was approaching peak intensity. I felt like I was in the white flash scene from one of those nuclear holocaust movies. Half-blinded, I could only make out a fluffy outline doing some sort of panicked gymnastics routine all over the bed, ending with a dive roll on my husband’s head. He started shouting at the dog, but as soon as he opened his eyes and discovered that the dog was simply trying to alert us to the fact that a nuclear bomb had gone off in our bedroom, he started shouting at me. To add to the pandemonium, the back-up alarm and strobe light kicked on.

Thanks MSN for giving us the real scoop. And all you bloggers reading this, go find that “made for TV” item you always wondered about and submit it to them so I can get another great laugh 😀


9 thoughts on “Does it Work? MSN gives us the inside scoop

  1. Well, as a ‘no feet on the dash’ kind of girl myself, who is always looking for help on the summer heels, this review of the Ped-Egg is TMI but oh-so-necessary! I always wonder as I’m walking up stairs ahead of someone, ‘Are my heels looking BAD in these sling-backs?’ What a way to ruin a perfectly good outfit! Now on to the MSN site to giggle over the other things….(I use a rough pumice stone on a handle I bought at the $1 store, then finish off with a smoother grain sander and lotion….my daughter has the Ped-Egg, and I looked at it but it was, um, ‘in use’ shall we say, and I refused to touch it again!

  2. Gurl I have the same foot fetish as you! I can’t stand seeing cracked feet! I just the manual “grater” and pumice stone, but you have sold me on the egg!! :o)

  3. My mom purchased one and told me it was great. I went out and purchased one also and it does the job. Actually DH was floored that it work so well and enjoy his pedicures and now I need to go and get another one…lol

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing the Ped Egg. I saw it in WalMart the other day and didn’t know if I should buy it. I will now.

  5. Oh, I am SO getting one of those! My poor feet have never been the same since a trip to India last year, and the summer weather is only making a bad situation worse. Thank you for the review! 🙂

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