Destash!! Destash!!

Ok y’all! Stupid Juliet has thrown me for a loop (more on that later) so I am over the knit your stash idea. I chose Juliet because I had the right type of yarn and wanted something quick. I didn’t love this yarn, I didn’t love this pattern, sure I liked both but I didn’t LOVE them. Well, that combination leads to nothing good and pregnancy shrugs that you HATE HATE HATE. Life is too short to knit fugly. So I put together a little destash party!

No, I am not giving up knitting and Yes, I will show it to you before I give it away for dismanteling but I now believe “If the yarn don’t fit, it must be quit”.


Attention all you P-Mart shoppers. We have yarn galore but no room to store, so if you like what you see go ahead and buy it from me!

  • All prices include US shipping (which in fact constitutes the majority of the price 😯 )
  • I have cats, but yarn was stored in ziploc bags
  • Items are first come, first serve so when they are gone they are gone.
  • You can purchase by sending and e-mail to me at hail2worf(at)hotmail(dot)com. Please also include your shipping address and an e-mail I can send a Paypal request for payment to.

And a little something special for the bloggers out there. If you buy something on the destash page, I can enclose some extra yarny goodies (i.e. pretty good one off balls of yarn) with your order if you add the word “goodies” 😀 .

Thanks and have fun shopping 🙂 !

Artfibers Harlequin – $12.00

  • 2 balls/ 198.0 yards (all in original balls)
  • Colorway: 5 – green
  • Use suggestions: Lacy Scarf like this Drop Stitch Scarf

Madil Maya – $10.00

  • 8 balls/480 yards (one wound, others in original balls)
  • Colorway:214 – beige with some grey, white varigation in the threads)
  • Yarn content: 50% new wool/40% acrylic/10% polyamide – this is super soft.
  • Use suggestions: DROPS Cabled Bag, hats, scarves

Elann Peruvian Highland Wool – $8.00

  • 3+ skeins/ 327+ yards (all in original skeins)
  • Colorway: heathered orange – 744/Dye Lot: 83
  • Use Suggestion: This Ravelry link or would be excellent for felting or a baby sweater

Cascade 220 – $22.00 PENDING

  • 5 skiens/1100 yards (all in original skeins)
  • Colorway: 9420 Teal/Dye lot: 8881 (please note color is a little more green in real life)
  • Use Suggestion: This Ravelry Link or Just about anything… it IS Cascade 220!

Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky – $18.00 PENDING

Knit One Crochet Too Angora Soft – $20.00 PENDING

GGH Samoa – $25.00 SOLD

Rowan Felted Tweed – $20.00 SOLD

Classic Elite Beatrice – $12.00 SOLD

Louisa Harding Impression – $15.00 SOLD

  • 4 balls/616 yards (1 wound, other in original balls)
  • Colorway: 15/ Dyelot 26
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or Clapotis

Rowan Calmer – $26.00SOLD

GGH Big Easy – $12.00 SOLD

  • 8 balls/ 616.0 yards (all in original balls)
  • Colorway: 17 Navy Blue/ Dyelot 301
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or tank top, lots of baby stuff (sweater, booties, etc.)

Zephyr Laceweight Wool & Silk – $12.00 SOLD

  • 2 balls/1260 yards (both wound into balls)
  • Colorway: Aegean Blue (soft peacock blue)
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or peacock feathers shawl, or lace lace and more lace

Yarn Place Graceful – $12.00 SOLD

  • 1 ball/904.0 (in original ball)
  • Colorway: Golden Tones 3607
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or lace lace and more lace

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