Big Thanks!

This post is all about giving thanks…

First off…Thank you to Karine over at TopStitchGirl for the wonderful WONDERFUL care package 🙂

A while ago I sent Karine some left over yarn from my Central Park hoodie to join here stash. Just a little present from one knitter to the next. Well, a few days ago I opened my mailbox to this showcase of goodies. Some Ultra Alpaca which is so mmm mmm good, some Merino and Alpaca yarn by Mara, a cute ceramic button, a cool Kate Gilbert pattern which I have seen and loved, and some wonderful lipgloss which is not pictured because it is already in constant use. She even sent me a cute card to tie it all in. I think the Ultra Alpaca will have to become a scarf as it is just wonderfully soft and the Mara will be used for the hat pattern.

Now if I can just finish that darn Juliet which is sucking out all my knitting mojo. Note to self, chunky yarn kinda sucks.

My next point of thanks goes to all of YOU!!!

Thanks so much for all the absolutely wonderful compliments here and over on regarding on my little wardrobe collection. It was definitely an experience! One I may or may not repeat in August for their other mini wardrobe collection.

For now, It seems that I am floundering trying to find that next thing to keep me preoccupied. There is so much I need to get done it is driving me CRAZY!! Ah well, slowly but surely I will get it all done.

My last thanks goes out to Tim Gunn!

Thanks Tim for lending your likeness to Emmett McCarthy, former participant in Project Runway, so that he could make a Tim Gunn Talking Bobblehead for me to buy. This was my consolation, “E” for effort prize to myself for attempting, although not finishing my wardrobe. He will be my cheerleader for the next time around.



8 thoughts on “Big Thanks!

  1. Tim, should I buy one of your bobbleheads too? (nods, nods, nods). I’m going to go look at that link right now. (“Carry on”). Isn’t this blog so cool? (“Fabulous!”) 🙂

  2. lolololol on the Tim Gunn. I bought a few pair of shoes to kick my butt into gear. If you buy cute shoes you definitely need something to wear them with.

  3. You my lady deserve a thanks as well! Your comment to me last week was so nice, thanks for welcoming me so nicely to the world of blogs.You had mentioned that you wanted to see mine once it’s up, well I have a few posts and I’m still working on the layout and everything (this is all so confusing) but here you go lovely lady:

    ❤ Michelle

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