Peacock Collection ’08: Kasia Skirt

Pattern: Kasia Skirt – Burdastyle 6012

Pattern Description: Great for summer fun, this skirt features gathering of the pocket backing and bold bib-front buttons.

Pattern Sizing: 34-46. I increased the size to a 50 to accommodate my hips and badonk

Fabric Used: Black on Black pinstriped stretch cotton from Journal fabrics, Cotton batiste for inside pocket

Notions Used: 1″ buttons, invisible zipper, black knit interfacing

Pattern Alterations: Increased the sizing to a 50, Added a center back dart to the yoke to bring it back to fitting my waist which is about a 46 . I also added 1 1/4″ to the length of the skirt and only hemmed it one inch

The Good:

  • The pattern was FREE!!!! Such a great pattern found from free on Burdastyle. I don’t know how I stumbled up on this site but it was great! you just have to print out the sheet and tape them together. It was a snap!! If you are in the actual size range of the pattern, which I was not, you can then just cut it out and sew. It also have full pattern instructions that were easy to follow. I think this is super cool!!

  • This skirt has lots of cool details. The sailor front is very creative and you get pockets too! The gathers, which I will go into later where labor intensive but also a very cool focal point for the skirt. All in all just a great look.

  • I really like this style a lot. It just has so much going on, which depending on your taste can be good or bad. I opted for a more subdued styling for my first time because it was intended for my mini wardrobe submission to which didn’t happen but I may try for something with more pop for the next time.

  • I am trying to expand my wardrobe and I think sewing is the key since I prescribe to the mantra of that “I wear what I make”. I was a little leery of this style, especially after seeing posts and comments like these. It was accentuated further by the fact that I have never worn or tried on the high waisted styles before but I just loved the look so I figured with a $10.00 investment in fabric how could I go wrong? In the end, I think the high waisted skirt actually works on me. It may not be THE best style but I think I can rock it. Plus with the wonders of Spanks this close fitting skirt doesn’t look half bad on my “big girl” body.
  • Found the fabric at my new favorite downtown L.A. fabric store, Journal Fabrics. It is a black on black pinstripe with SSSTTRREEETCCHHH! You will have to click on some of the pictures and look closely to see the detail of it as black is a B*TCH to photograph. It was outside for $1.99 a yard. Gotta love cheap inexpensive fabric!

  • The buttons! I have decided to see button purchases as an investment. For me, they are always more expensive than the fabric and I just need to factor that in. I should also not compromise on the buttons I love, even if they are $4.50 each! I bought them in Downtown L.A. so the price was at least competitive, but DAMN they were a grip! Funny part was that I passed them up on my first trip due to the price, but ultimately went back for them. People…I do not live THAT close to Downtown L.A. so I definitely loved these buttons. And when the skirt leaves my wardrobe, those buttons will be cut off and recycled onto a fabulous looking jacket πŸ™‚

The Bad:

  • Sewing in those gathered sides was a bit of a pain. First you gather the hell out of the side section, then you sew the curves together. Can we say pinched and pleated fabric everywhere!!! I finally wised up and stay stitched the curve in the skirt front. It was still a pain and took forever to sew together but it came out good in the end.

  • This skirt has VERY little ease so make sure to account for that either via making a larger size or added some extra width to the side seams for alterations. And I highly suggest using stretch fabric for a pit more ease.

Side Detail of Skirt

  • Although the top part is not floppy at all, if I were to make it again I might choose another interfacing other than knit for this to give it a bit more structure

The Ugly:

  • There was a lot of tweaking of the yoke band to get the proper fit for my body. Unfortunately they were done so little by little that I would I did not record the changes. Therefore, if I want to make another it will be the same little by little alterations to get to the end result. YUCK!
  • The sailor front does have a tendency to come away from the body a little at the yoke. I knew this but went ahead anyway because I figure I could add snaps if that really started bothering me. Next step…add snaps πŸ™‚
  • My face in these pictures!! OMG I couldn’t find a picture where I was smiling at all. I must have been fed up with the self time picture escapade by the time I got to this skirt because I look mad as hell…LOL. Now I finally understand why people think I am angry when I am not smiling. Note to self…stick with the smiles πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, and despite the picture from the back I really am not a hunchback…LOL.


I love this skirt. It you want to try the style out this skirt is easy and quick. I highly recommend it and give it two thumbs up. I would definitely sew it again.


  • Sew your gathers very close, if not on the 5/8″ line. It will keep your gathers from becoming pleats
  • Stay stitch the curve of the front skirt to avoid unwanted pinching and pleating
  • Add width to the side seams for alteration as this is a very slim fit
  • Use and invisible zipper for the closure as it looks better
  • Make sure to use a thinner lining fabric for the pocket pouch. Thicker fabric will cause the pocket seam to press on the front and it may show.

38 thoughts on “Peacock Collection ’08: Kasia Skirt

  1. WOW! I love, love, love your new skirt. I think it looks beyond fabulous on you. It’s totally one of those retro/femme fatale skirts which looks great on a woman with curves. I love it paired with the simple white blouse, too. You look amazing. Great job. You should absolutely be proud!

  2. That skirt is adorable. Can I come live in your closet? You sew such great clothes and they rock your curves – I always end up with clothes that don’t really rock mine, and I’ve got lots of them to rock. Maybe that’s why so few of my projects end up on my blog. lol. Anyway, love it – it’s fantastic!

  3. Looks great! I’ve really enjoyed perusing your site– you do fabulous work πŸ™‚
    And now I’m totally excited about trying a BurdaStyle pattern– I’d never heard of them before!

  4. Really cool skirt, and it looks great on you! It’s a nice alternative to the sailor trousers that I’ve been seeing (with the same rows of buttons on the front)

  5. That is a great skirt! The sailor bib front on the skirt is fabulous! I have to say, when I first saw the pattern, I was put off by the gathers at the hips (I’ve have some badunk of my own) but really, your skirt looks gorgeous and original! Great work, definitely worthy of the Peacock Chic label…

  6. The skirt came out beautifully. I downloaded that skirt pattern a couple of weeks ago. now I think I’m going to try and make it this weekend. Thanks for the tips.

  7. You definitely can rock this skirt. I saw your PR review and came to check out your blog, and now I’m off to Burdastyle to download this pattern. As soon as I saw yours, I remembered some buttons I have in stash that would look great on this skirt.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your skirt turned out gorgeous, it was worth all the wrestling with the gathered sides.

  8. Great skirt! Thanks for all the tips (tip #1 being that the skirt pattern is available for free). I’m wondering, what needle did you use to sew the stretch fabric? I’ve never sewn it. I got me some cotton stretch fabric from ML (bunch of remnant pieces) and I want to give it a try. Any tips on sewing stretch fabric, Ms. Fabulous?

  9. This is awesome! I’ve kept track of your blog for a while but only recently got my own account. I was actually in the process of printing this pattern when I read your post. I can’t wait to try it! It’s so flattering on you, you look great!

  10. Great Skirt!! …. And I LLOOVVEE BurdaStyle!… I’ve picked up tons of tips and more than a few patterns for my ‘One day I’ll be able to sew this’ file…;-)

  11. You look fabulous in this skirt. Incredibly flattering and stylish! I do love your faces in these pics though. πŸ™‚ My goodness, you are just on fire!!

  12. I LOVE this skirt! I wonder how it would look on my shape…? That’s okay…it will be a while before I sew anything for myself, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind. I love your style!

  13. I totally missed these posts while I was on vacation, but I’m popping in to say how much I love the wardrobe pieces that you made! You are rocking this skirt. I can see how much of a pita those gathers are to sew, but they’re my favorite part of the skirt.

  14. I am so glad I found your blog!!! I want to make this skirt but was leary because of the sizing. Thank you for making your version to show me that it CAN be made for women with “hips and badonk”. BTW, Love your wording!

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