What Next?

Now that the adrenaline rush of the mini-wardrobe contest is over, I am kinda at a loss for the next big thing.

On the knitting front, I am continuing to work on my Juliet which is technically a quick knit but not when you have crafting A.D.D. I will be going back to knit group tonight since I haven’t been in over a month so that may get the knitting juices going.

On the sewing front, I decided to pair this wonderfully soft stretch cotton fabric

with view A of the Simplicity 3744 pattern. Given I will be lengthening this because I am not really into short dresses. Hmmm…maybe I will have it finished for our class party on 6/21. I make no promises because I am kinda burned out on the deadline crafting right now.

On another sewing note, found this Super Jiffy Simplicity pattern for a cute halter dress in the donation bin at school.

It has a cool feature in that the body is cut all in one piece so the only body seam is in the back. I would make the long one in some sort of flowy knit fabric which I think will be super cute. I’ll have to practice some pattern upsizing since this is a one size pattern for a size 10, Bust 32 1/2. My teacher said I should try the cut and spread method on the body. We will see what happens…

Anyhoo, I know I owe you pictures of my 3 items from the mini-wardrobe, but this June gloom is really cramping my style. So hopefully I will get it done this weekend which would make next week Fashion Week on Peacock Chic!

Until then happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Love your blog! Beautiful fabric! Will you teach me how to knit? I’ve tried, but just couldn’t get all the tension right and hold onto all that stuff at once.

    I stared and stared at the first photo, couldn’t figure out what looked familiar, then I realized that I have the same IKEA magazine holders. ;o)

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