That’s All Folks!

I am throwing in the towel. I am calling it quits. It…Is…OVER!! Now how is that for Drama 🙂

It’s 1:04am which makes it Friday, May 30th. With one more day and one pretty simple shirt to sew I knew I was cutting the contest close but I thought I could make it.

This shirt was the straw that broke the camels back – Simplicity 3566.

It is not the shirt’s fault…well it kinda is… but I should have seen it! I should have known that I would hate this shirt with my mini wardrobe skirt choice. But my fairly last minute wardrobe changes caused me to forge ahead and hastily choose a shirt pattern I could complete in the remaining time. In my head the break point for the bust was lower and would have worked. But alas, reality set in and the line of the bust and the line of the skirt were just too much.

However, being so close to the finish you would have thought I would get a second wind and keep going, but really this would have been my 8th or 9th wind as I have wanted to stop working for a while now. Why didn’t I stop? Because I wanted to give it more than the college try especially since I was notorious for skipping class and withdrawing at the last minute because I would rather get a “W” that barely pass or fail altogether. I kept going because i just wanted to see if I could push myself through it anyway and with one day left I think I think I did pretty good.

So on that note, I will take my “E” for effort and return to daily life with no crafting pressures. I will go ahead and finish the last touches on the skirt and dress, take some modeled photos, and post them sometime next week.

Hmmmm…what next? Knitting, sewing…the crafty world is my oyster! But for now I am taking my tired butt to bed!

Have a good weekend ya’ll.


6 thoughts on “That’s All Folks!

  1. I’m not going to finish on time either… but I figured as much. I’m working on a suit with a very tailored jacket. It’s not worth rushing and not producing fabulous pieces.

  2. Awwww, too bad. Don’t feel bad about it though because you made a stunning jacket. The real prize is that you made some great wardrobe pieces, right? Right??

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