Some Goodies

First off, a :mrgreen: BIG THANK YOU :mrgreen: to everyone for the wonderful compliments on my McCall’s jacket. You gals are the best and your comments alone made the whole ordeal worth it. Admittedly I haven’t worn it again due to the fact that I need to do laundry so I have something to wear it with 😕 . Guess I need to get crackin’ on that matching skirt I had planned.

Second, I wanted to show you the load of goodies I found during a trip to Downtown L.A. two weekends ago. I found a store, among the countless many, called Journal Fabrics. I normally hate Downtown L.A. due to the massive crowds of people and the messy stores. This store I found to be less crowded, I found a very helpful and bargain making salesman, and the store was organized. So I went to town on the shopping. $50.00 later and here are just a few of the wonderful finds I found on my shopping spree:

Click Picture for fabric descriptions and a closer look…

Lastly, here is another little goody I have for you…a teaser of my almost finished 02-2007-117 Coat.

I only have a few more details to tidy up on it but I am loving my modifications and can’t wait to share it with you. But it will have to wait because the weather is being uncooperative and I am hard at work trying to figure out the next item in my wardrobe 😳 .

Yes, people, the ideas keep changing and it is driving me crazy. The entire reason for my trip to Dowtown L.A. was to find THE fabric for this wardrobe. Now I am back to square one with 18 days to go. Keep me in your crafting prayers 🙂


7 thoughts on “Some Goodies

  1. Did you notice that another mini-wardrober is using the same trenchcoat pattern in their wardrobe? I didn’t realize until today. They posted a review and their coat looks fabulous!!!

  2. Gorgeous fabric and particularly like the Metallic Dots Stretch Knit and Reversible Black-Silver Floral Stretch Poly. What are your plans for them.

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