The Peacock Chic Collection 2008: McCall’s M5478 Jacket

Ok, the wait is over!!! Courtesy of bad lighting and the magic of exposure control and photo manipulation, I present to you the longest jacket EVER 🙂

Fabric: Red Plaid Worsted Wool/Cashmere Blend from the Scottish People
McCall’s M5478 Jacket, View BSemi-fitted, lined, bias jacket with above hip-length. Has collar and lapels, princess seams, mock flaps, center back pleat and shaped hem; View B has full length sleeves and back belt with button trim, also has sleeve vent with button trim
Modifications: Mainly Tailoring modification to make it a more professional looking jacket. Tailoring style interfacings were used – Wigan, French elastic – and tailoring techniques – hand basting, tailor tacking, pad stitching the collar. Also the undercollar was separated into two pieces and cut on the bias.  The sleeve length was shortened a bit.
Enjoyment Factor:
7 – Due to the exceptionally long period of time to make this jacket
Time: 6 months!

The Good:

  • The learning experience –  When I signed up for this class I thought “tailoring” was synonymous with “alterations”. These are two different animals. Tailoring is all about the high quality handwork and meticulous construction of a personalize well fitting garment. This class was truly a revelation and worth the hard work.
  • It fits!! Yes, I know, I know. But it always makes me happy when IT FITS!!
  • The drama – Man this jacket has some DRAAAAAMA. The collar is out of this world and the plaid makes it scream “Look at me! I am FABULOUS!” I love dramatic clothes so this fall right into the closet.
  • The praise –  After all this work it was great to walk in the fashion show and have so many people genuinely oooo and ahhh over it..

  • I got to share this moment with both my sewing teachers. The one in yellow is my current tailoring teacher, the one in the black and white was my beginning sewing teacher that told me about tailoring in the first place. They were both so proud. Made me feel like I was in high school again.

The Bad

  • 6 months!! I am a patient woman but 6 months is quite a while. There were times when I just thought I would give up the ghost or that it would just never be done but I persevered. The fashion show really gave me the kick in the butt to get this complete and with two days to spare it was deemed complete.

  • Matching those plaids was murder!  Single layer cutting all those pieces out too SSSOOOOO long.  But it was worth it when you see the chevrons along the back.  Mmmmmm….matchy matchy.

  • The notions on this thing nearly drove me to the poor house. Those “must have” buttons were $50.00 in total which was just as much as the fabric. I also have a local tailor but in the buttonhole for $10.00.  In the end, they were all worth it though because I really think they add a lot to the jacket.

The Ugly:

  • My front lining edge leaves much to be desired. I was told by my teacher to “just work it in” and by that time in the process I was willing to accept this answer. But my normal nature is a semi-meticulous one so had she not told me to do that I would have struggled and succeeded in making it much more perfect. Alas, I have come to my senses and will have to make that look better. Later…

50 thoughts on “The Peacock Chic Collection 2008: McCall’s M5478 Jacket

  1. It is just gorgeous, and you look amazing in it. It highlights your beautiful collarbones and the color is smashing on you. I’d be high for weeks if I could make a jacket like that. Congratulations!

  2. Wow! What great work! Think of what you can do now. I can’t wait to see!

    Enjoy your beautifully tailored jacket. You are totally worth it.

  3. I think your jacket is the only one I’ve seen made from this pattern – and all others would pale in comparison. You did a phenomenal job.

  4. Gorgeous work! You are too talent. Spread it around here, please. I haven’t touched my sewing machine in almost a year. You are inspiring me to do my maternity wardrobe. Thanks for the eye candy, and wear in good health.

  5. I love that jacket! I would love to take a tailoring class, but can’t seem to find any in my area, S. California.

  6. Fabulous jacket….love the collar and pleat in the back. I noticed that you’re in So. Cal, may I ask where you took beginning sewing classes?

  7. What a wonderful jacket! Like Phyllis, I could stare at the back all day long! I’ve been on the fence about that pattern but now I want to make it too.

  8. Wow. And I do mean WOW! You look fabulous; your jacket looks fabulous! And kudos and wild cheers to your teachers. They obviously know what they are doing, and really have great students!

  9. WOW! You absolutely outshined in that jacket! Your sewing is so neat and exact. How the lines match up on the back really wows me. Maybe I should go to a sewing class!!!

  10. Oh My Goodness…BEAUTIFUL!
    I love your jacket and it looks really nice on you.
    I can’t wait till I get to that point to sew something as well as you did that jacket.

  11. I bet this jacket looks so much better in real life! You are the queen of symmetry, in my book–awesome vision to have seen that from the beginning, it was SO worth the time and effort to cut! Congratulations!

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