Peacock Chic Collection Begins!

Looky what I got!!! Aren’t they pretty!!! I have wanted labels for a long time and either couldn’t find a place good enough (read: cheap, fast, uncomplicated, original) or didn’t want to rack my brain for the right color and design combo, but finally I got off my booty, took a chance, and got these lovies from Fancyweaver! It was $35.00 for 200 labels. I was so excited when I saw how professional and cool they looked. Look! Even the back is pretty!!

This is just in time for the first Peacock Chic collection for the Patternreview wardrobe contest!

Speaking of the contest, thanks everyone for the well wishing in regards to me finishing.  I have been working diligently on the 02-2008-117 runway trench coat and hope to have the done this week so I can work on the more fitted garments. It is coming out beautifully IMHO 🙂 . The collection continues to morph in my head with new dresses and bottoms options coming and going in my mind so I won’t post again about that until I have a more solid idea of the finished collection. I am not too worried about the changes though as I hear this is a common occurrence when us crafty people are forced to choose. There are just TOO many options!

Also, the fashion show at my school was wonderful. My jacket was a hit!! I have a post planned for both thejacket and the fashion show once sunlight reappears in Southern California. Yes, I said it, it is overcast and cold in So. Cal Who knew?!


18 thoughts on “Peacock Chic Collection Begins!

  1. Those are cute girl!!!! I’ve finally narrowed down what I want to do for the contest…HOPEFULLY it won’t change to much once I start shopping for my fabric! LOL

  2. Your labels are fab…. I wished I’d know about them before I ordered mine, but will keep them in mind, the price is perfect and they look totally professional.

  3. I have been wanting to get labels for the longest time! I’m so glad to have read your blog. Now, I’m just dying to see that coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t leave us hanging!

  4. Those are super cute! Don’t you love having your own label? It really adds a RTW quality. That, and you can find the backs of your clothes. lol. Very helpful for some t-shirts.

  5. I love you blog!!!! This post about your labels was timely because I’ve been wanting to purchase more since I’ve ran out of mine. I ordered some recently and was not pleased at all. I knew in my mind what I wanted but hadn’t found it. I just love the ones that you have and will be ordering some myself!!! THANKS!!!

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