My Master Plan…Mwah ha haaaaa

Ok, it is not to take over the world…that comes later. Instead, I plan on participating in the mini wardrobe contest that starts today! Here are the rules of engagement:


This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks (May 1 – 31). Patterns may be drafted, tweaked, and muslined before the contest date, but fabric for the pieces entered cannot be cut till the start date of the contest (May 1).

Those pieces should fit the following framework (there are actually 3 but I chose this one:

1 bottom, 1 dress or jumper (overdress), and 2 tops – 1 may be a jacket. If the dress option is chosen, it need not be worn with the other garments in the wardrobe, however it should tie to the rest of the wardrobe in theme and possibly be compatible with the same handbag or shoes or accessories.

WINNER: To be determined by popular vote. Official voting criteria will be posted at a later date, but will be based on (and these are listed in no particular order): Wardrobe versatility (is it wearable and do pieces complement each other well?), garment construction/ skill of design and craftsmanship, designer creativity, and presentation. Voting will begin on June 1st and end on June 10th.

PRIZES: One first prize: A Sewing Machine sponsored by Greenberg and Hammer.

For the intermediate sewer this might not seem daunting but for me it is quite a challenge and an impending adventure. The reason that I decided to take up the gauntlet for this challenge is that back in September 2007 I talked about creating a collection of garments. It was good intentioned but never materialized so this contest has offered me my redemption. It seems manageable and helps me to look at the big picture…The collection. So here are my proposals, I will create a storyboard later.


The Fabric – This is the thing that started it all. I found this fabric on a recent adventure for Michael Levine. I just couldn’t pass it up. I am usually not a florals person but this one just called to me. I just HAD to have it…plus it was cheap inexpensive.

The Theme – The fabric coupled with the BWOF 02-2008-117 pattern that I contemplating immediately made me think of more feminine times and more elegant wardrobe combinations. Audrey Hepburn is all of that and one of my favorite movies is Funny Face. My wardrobe will be a lose interpretation of this theme, but it definitely helps to weed out and ground my many pattern choices.


The Jacket – Burda WOF 02-2008-117

As lightweight as a dress … Numerous rows of smocking (that is actually quite easy to do) sculpt a feminine silhouette in the current X-line which is particularly becoming for petite women!

The Dress – B5181

Dress with lined, close-fitting bodice and slightly flared skirt in three lengths: above mid-knee, lower calf or below ankle. Center back zipper.

The Top – S4047

Misses 1950’s Retro Top & Sash

The Bottom – S4047

Misses 1950’s Retro Cropped Pants or Skirt

So there it is the grand master plan. Wish me luck and all that jazz. I will keep you all posted! 31 days left and counting.


P.S. I also found out that it is Women’s Clothing Sewing Month at Sew Mama Sew. How much more freakishly coincidental can you get!

15 thoughts on “My Master Plan…Mwah ha haaaaa

  1. LOVE it!! I was just lamenting to Adrienne today about how I just love those retro patterns! I can’t WAIT to see it. You can totally work those!

  2. Exciting!!!! I love that coat and that dress and the top. Okay, I guess I love it all. I am excited to see how your coat turns out. I love Burda. They have the best patterns. I love your “theme” fabric. I do that too. This time I picked a blue/green/brown knit to be the center of my wardrobe.

    Good luck!!!!

  3. Good luck! I can’t wait to see the progress. (BTW – I LOVE “Funny Face” also. My favorite part is when she is dancing in the Beat bar. The white socks with the little loafers is great!)

  4. I will be cheering you on. I would so love to participate in a swap, but need to continue tweaking my sewing skills.

    Thank You for the lovely compliment on my daughter’s dress.
    But let me tell you, for some reason I thought the dress would be a simple project. Not… the yoke and sleeves were giving me grief…lol. My daughter tried that dress on so many times, at one point she said Mommy, I just won’t raise my hands in class….lol. I have a few buckles that I took from old belts and thought…. hey make your own belt, which my daughter has been asking me to make for her, so I’m on a quest to find some interesting buckles and belt paraphernalia. When I see her teetering out the house off to school in those 4″ heels my left pinky toe starts throbbing…lol.

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