How Much Would A Jacket Like That Cost?

Wow!!! Thanks everybody for the wonderful compliments on my first Burda shirt. That post had the most comments at once EVER! I am very happy you like it and very happy I made it.

The next item set for completion is my Tailored Red Jacket by McCall’s. I am putting the lining and the finishing touches on it now. This will definitely be just in time for the May 3rd Fashion Show (read:similar to an Elementary School Open House rather than Project Runway) at my school. I will give a complete post after its debut.

In the meantime, as I finished stitching in the lining, the following conversation popped into my head complete with the Mastercard commercial to match.

Fashion Savvy Woman: “Wow that jacket looks great. I love it! Where did you get it? I HAVE to have one!”

Me: “I made it!”, I say with a smile of pride. “It is a Peacock Chic Original” (ok, I wouldn’t say the last part, but I did in my head).

Fashion Savvy Woman: “Really?! Could you make me one? How much would a jacket like that cost?”

(Enter the Mastercard music and me looking to the sky as I have a mental flashback to making this jacket. Which, in real time, is actually right now for me)

Red Plaid Fabric….$50.00

Hand Stitched Ambiance golden tan lining…$12.00

2 Professionally made keyhole buttonholes…$6.00

10 “perfectly matched, had to have” buttons for Jacket…$50.00

Knowing that you worked on this tailored jacket for 6 months hand stitching this puppy to death and this person probably thinks they can buy it in some store in downtown L.A. for a fraction of the cost. Then looking at them smugly knowing that they cannot get THIS jacket at any store and knowing that there is no way in hell you are planning on making another just for it to go under appreciated in a closet somewhere. Then turning your back on them and whipping your hair as you turn like an America’s Next Top Model winner and proclaiming to them as you walk away…



**Please Note: Author of this blog is suffering from post traumatic craft disorder (PTCD) from aforementioned jacket. Symptoms of making a jacket for 6 months may include overactive imagination, excessive pride, lack of humility, irrational anger at non-sewing people, perceived poverty due to notions purchase, and excessive wearing of said garment. Beware!

18 thoughts on “How Much Would A Jacket Like That Cost?

  1. That is too funny! The other day I was in the lunch room at work and one of my coworkers at that moment found out I knit and sew. She said to me, “Can you make me a ‘whatever whatever’? Before she even finished her sentence I shouted, “No!” My other coworkers started busting up and I felt kind of bad because I didn’t mean to be so blunt about it. Some people really have no idea how much it time and patience it takes to craft.

  2. You totally deserve your own commercial. I simply cannot wait to be awe-inspired by your jacket! (And those buttons, wow!)

  3. You had me laughing with the MasterCard commercial, but I was laughing my ass off at the disclaimer you added.

    I’ve started to act like I can’t hear anytime someone asks me to make them something.

    I love that plaid and the lining makes it sing. Can’t wait to see it all done.

  4. I just found your blog and it is great. What I hate is that when people find out I sew, they say “Can you hem my pants?” Ummm, no.

  5. could that plaid be matched up any better?! and where did you get those buttons? they are so pretty!

    people don’t get what it takes to make something by hand anymore, it’s so sad and frustrating.

  6. Oh, the pleasure of making something yourself, even if it makes you crazy, makes your hands bleed, and costs more than factory-made (have you bought that loom yet?). It really is priceless, isn’t it? The jacket looks gorgeous so far.

  7. Just found your blog through the BurdaEnglish yahoo group. Your work is gorgeous and this jacket is over the top! I love your PTCD disclaimer! LOL! That is so true.

  8. You are a hoot! Fabulous jacket, well worth the 6 months of torture you endure to finish that puppy. Imagine how good you will feel every time you put it on. Great job.

    Dina D.

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