Finished Object: BWOF 01-2008-125A Blouse

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Fabric: Stretch Satin from Fabricland
BWOF 01-2008-125A Blouse
Modifications:Body mods in general. Two less pintucks per sleeve due to fit issues, trimmed 3/8″ off sleeve cap top to fit in sleeve.
Enjoyment Factor:
6 – Due to inexperience only
1 week

Drum roll please…..I present to you my first Burda World of Fashion project!! I am so proud of myself for trying a BWOF pattern. I am also happy that I actually finished it so before I get started I would like to throw in a disclaimer:

  • I like this shirt
  • I like BWOF
  • I need to sew more

That said, this post unlike a lot of other is going to be more Bad and Ugly than Good. I cannot blame BWOF for everything, but it did have a hand in some “huh” moments.

The Good:

  • It is my first BWOF pattern. Did I say that already? Well who cares!! I feel as though I need to proclaim this from the highest rooftop!
  • The color of the fabric. This really made me fall in love with this pattern. It was just happenstance that I found this fabric, but it was meant to be this shirt.
  • All those darn pintucks. Love them. They were super time consuming but they are also the only thing that distinguish this from a regular old shirt. They really accentuate the puff.
  • The body of this shirt worked up pretty well. I was cruising a long with the body. I love the body. Given I could have used more room on the bottom due to my bottom and the fact that Satin shows EVERYTHING. But It is everything else that caused me to cry tears of anger and pain because pretty much everything after the body went to hell.

The Bad (Just thinking about these make me tired):

  • Sleeves. A little too tight, had to release two pintucks and reduce seam allowance to get more room in the sleeve. Note to self: read up on large upper arm alterations and maybe add some more seam allowance to this problem area.
  • The Sleeve cap. This thing was extremely weird shaped. It definitely had me saying “the what goes into where?”. In the end I had to shave off 3/8″ from the top to get it to set in right. This revelation only came after the fourth time putting in the sleeve. And, nope, it wasn’t caused by the two less pintucks because I added them back to make sure and it still didn’t fit. Given this could have been just me because Sigrid seemed to have no trouble with these at all and her tucks look smaller. I actually like the more fitted sleeve that I got and it looks like the one in the picture, but it was a bear to get there.
  • Not interfacing the buttonband. This is one of those moments where Burda obviously thinks we all have sewing common sense. I even second guessed myself and almost put it in but tried to shush the voice inside and trust in Burda. Days after I finished that part of the shirt, I notice that Burda does not say to interface any button band. Doh! Those buttonholed puckered and squirmed as I tried to stitch them. I wanted to kick myself in the head.
  • Hem depth. So I assumed a 5/8″ hem on the shirt. which for some reason turned into more of a 1″ hem in the end. Huh? Most of you seamstresses are clucking and shaking your head in disbelief. But let me sweeten the pot, I did this on Satin! STRETCH Satin. How the hell am I supposed to hem that without it looking like crap?! There is probably a magical way but since I am a newbie I tried quite a few McGyver techniques that all looked bad. So in the end Stitch Witchery won out even though I feel like a cheater but I like the look and it remains stretchy so everyone wins πŸ™‚

The Ugly

  • Realizing that I needed to iron the back of this shirt. Good grief. Al well the fit everywhere else pretty much ironed the rest of it out. I have got to add in more adjustments on my clothes. That is… once I figure out how πŸ™‚
  • My attitude at the end. I can’t decide if I love this shirt for how it looks or hate it for the pain it has caused. It will take me a few days but I will get over it because in the end I know that this was a learning experience that has taught me a lot. I guess BWOF equals tough love. But I am strong! I can take it. Bring it on cause I have a gazillion BWOF projects on the horizon. In fact, I have already finished tracing this little number. Muslin here we come!

In the meantime I will lick my wounds and get some knitting in. Ahhh….peaceful knitting πŸ™‚

01-2008-125A Image Gallery


45 thoughts on “Finished Object: BWOF 01-2008-125A Blouse

  1. Love that bold orange color! It looks great on you too. Those pintucks sleeves are perfect. I’ve never sewn with stretch satin but you make it too easy.

    I recently jumped on the Burda bandwagon too and THEY ROCK!! I am having fun with the four I have made so far.

    Oh, and about whether you love it or hate. You love it. Just let it hang in your closet for a week and then you’ll love it again.

  2. Omigod. You really made that blouse! It’s beautiful. My favorite color too. And those sleeves, with those pintucks; you are a very, very talented person.

  3. Oh this is beautiful; the color is fantastic. And what a great beginning in using BWOF – brave you to do it in stretch satin. Also – I just love,love your description: “McGyver techniques” – it’s really apt term for what goes on in ‘making it work’ when sewing.

  4. Hey Monique
    BWOF is tough love, and don’t forget it, lol…. you did great, let me tell you, I always recommend that when trying out bwof for the first time to do something simple but honey,,, simple is NOT in your vocabulary, lol.
    This is truly a jaw dropping first project, I mean,,, I know as a sewist you can always tell your own flaws but I can’t see them and i don’t care too, I am just overjoyed that you did it and it rocks,,, first attempt?
    you could have fouled me
    keep motivated.

  5. Wow. Just wow. It looks gorgeous. I love the color, I love the pleats on the sleeves and the way they bellow out at the bottom. Such nice details make this a beautiful pattern that really makes the pain worth it in the end. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you know? And you did walk away with so much more experience! You have so much more patience than I do.

  6. Don’t worry, the memory of the pain will fade in time and then you’ll be able to allow yourself to love this as much as the rest of us do. It looks fabulous! Your attention to detail is great, and I think your sleeve pouf looks even better than in the original!

  7. Let me add my two cents. First saw this on PR and said “Wow”. I’ll chime in with everyone else, the blouse is fierce! I say let it rest for a moment and then wear this thing to death because it’s gorgeous, from the color to the tailoring.

  8. Wow, you continue to inspire! I don’t know if it’s just me, but after the first time I wear a, ahem, difficult project, I start to forget the pain and just be glad I made it through! The color is stunning on you, and you must have done something right because the fit looks great too–amazing, with all of those little details. You are my hero!

  9. For a beginner, you have Nerves Of Steel. And you write so well.

    But, oh, you take my breath away w. your next planned project!

    Thanks for sharing this adventure; you’re a profile in courage and I will take an ambitious page from your book.


  10. This is just gorgeous! It looks like a very expensive shirt. You know, I think none of the BWOF shirts I’ve ever done have told you to interface the button band. I *finally* learned to go ahead and do this on my own.

  11. Love it for how it looks! I’m immensely impressed. I am such a newbie sewer. I’ve taken a class so I can do the basics on cottons and make skirts, but the tailoring is beyond my comprehension. I love that color also.

  12. I love the fabric color you chose! A number of the BWOF patterns I’ve sewn with have had an unusual, almost pointy, sleeve cap which can be a bit daunting. Don’t know if that’s the type this pattern had, but I feel your pain if it was and you were trying to ease the complex sleeve cap with satin fabric!

    Great job on a challenging blouse! It’s a beautiful style for you!

  13. Forgive the shirt! It looks fabulous on you, the colour is really you and the pintucks are really stylish, you really need to wear it, especially after all that hard work. Now that I have seen your version I might go back and have a try at this pattern myself.

  14. You look fabulous in the blouse and you did a great job on it! I used to do a lot of sewing (back when I had more patience than I have now), and all I can say is WOW. Fabulous. That took a lot of skill and a lot of work. Good job!

  15. I too think this is a pretty dynamite blouse – you are going to LOVE wearing it and it makes you look a million.

    My general comment would be that other than fitting issues (where would we be without them?) lots of your issues stem from your fabulous copper satin. If you had picked (let’s say) a fine cotton lawn, then you could have shrunk and shaped the sleeve caps with steam, and done an ordinary hem, and not worried so much about letting out the side seams…

    So from that my advice would be (and you asked for advice from people you don’t know, right? no? oh, well) 1) get a good fitting book like Fit For Real People; and 2) use fabric that is like the recommended fabric for the pattern OR read up on how to work with the fabric you choose to anticipate any difficulties. For the hem on this one I might have used a twin needle which make a stretchy hem (but would show). Also I always make a couple of practice buttonholes in scraps at the start just to check πŸ™‚

    Anyway it’s still awesome.

  16. wow it turned out beautiful!!! You need to put a pic in the photos on the Burda English group. I would love to make it a home page photo for awhile. πŸ™‚

  17. I LOVE that color on you and the sleeves are to die for. It sounds like there was so much heartache involved in this project, but I really think the end result was worth it. Besides, now you’ve learned so many things for your next top.

  18. I just sent an email to the burdaenglish group but I have to tell you again, this shirt is FABULOUS! I need to make this too, but have to wait til I get all my other projects for my trip out of the way!

  19. I think it looks fabulous!!! The sleeves are just fantastic! Give yourself a big pat on the back for persevering and turning out a great garment. I know that it’s sometimes hard to love something that doesn’t quite meet one’s expectations, but put it away for a couple of days, then look at it and be amazed at your skill and creativity.
    “I have got to add in more adjustments on my clothes. That is… once I figure out how..” – do you have a community college nearby with a fashion department? Some of them offer weekend/night classes on how to make a sloper for yourself. It’s great to have a teacher help you to make the right adjustments, and then you can alter any pattern to your specs.

  20. This blouse is GORGEOUS! You should be soooooo proud. The color is beautiful on you and I love the detailing. Great job. I love your blog, btw. I’m a knitter and a total novic sewer, so I love checking out the projects you are working on. Kudos for your bravery!

  21. I LOVE IT!!!! It’s gorgeous on you and this pattern has been in my mind since I first saw it made by Cidell! Your interpretations id gorgeous! Gongratulations on your first BWOF, I hope this is the first of many to come!!

  22. Your blouse is so amazing. I am an absolute pushover for orange. Congrats, Ms. Thang, that is one hot & sexy number! I am in awe that you MADE it yourself.

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