Not So Mini Me meets Burda

I have the bestest sewing friend EVER!!! She is in my tailoring class and I love going just to chat with her. We ended up picking the same pattern for the class so it has been really nice working on the same thing with her. We have very similar tastes and we end up adding to each others list of “To Dos”. We are also the same in the gadgets area. She is so gadget obsessed that she brings out the “go go gadget” in me. From rulers to chalking pens, everything she gets I have to get too. Not because I am trying to “keep up with the in crowd”, but because I have an inherent love for gadgets that I fight everyday. Kinda like an alcoholic in a bar… you can only hold out for so long.

I have to admit though that I was the pusher when it came to Burda World of Fashion Magazine. When I told her about all the goodies inside SHE…WAS…HOOKED! She already has a slew of patterns on the horizon.

So what does this have to do with “Mini Me” and Burda? Well, my bestest sewing friend EVER gave me the dressform. GAVE IT TO ME PEOPLE!! She said it looked like me. When I saw it I thought it looked chunky. Well….um….it actually measured smaller than me so I had to pad it. Dear GOD!! I need to go to the gym. So by dress form will be my sewing room helper and weight loss inspiration all in one 😯 .

Anyhoo, I decided to debut “Not So Mini Me” (new name to come soon) wearing my new first Burda pattern. It is still in the works but it is coming along. It is pattern 01-2008-126A made in up stretch satin. Love love love it actually I will reserve this statement for after I finish as love is a fickle thing. Now if I can only get the sleeves done as they are proving to be more of a challenge than I thought especially with the weird shape and all those pin tucks.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Not So Mini Me meets Burda

  1. That looks like a great dressform. When I was sewing a lot, I always coveted one like that 🙂 Your blouse is looking fabulous so far, and it looks like you did a great job with the topstitching detail on the collar

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