Pic-A-Knit 2008

Have I ever told you what a great knit group I have!! Well I do!! Next to learning how to purl, they are the best thing that has happened to my knitting life. Every Wednesday I go and visit this wonderful group and I loathe the thought of missing a meeting. Last week I even found myself speeding due to the fact that I was 30 minutes late for our 3 hour knitting fest. How would I explain THAT to people?

“Uhh yeah I got a $200+ speeding ticket because I was trying to get to my knit group”

Anyhoo…This weekend I organized a Pic-A-Knit for my group so that we could do what we do but outside. Since it is spring the weather can be quite unpredictable so I was a little worried because of the damn cold weather. However, everybody survived like a trooper even if they were neck high in fleece blankets. If you want more pictures you can check out my Flickr page.

Although it was a knitting party, I didn’t actually get any knitting done during the event…you know how hosting goes. However, afterwards I dove into making my cap sleeves and have now finished all the parts of my Camellia Top. The sleeves are blocking now and I hope to get them on this weekend. However, I was invited to the Renaissance Fair today, which will be my first time, so I will be donning a borrowed outfit and eating turkey legs with beer steins so we shall see how up to seaming I am when I get home. I will make sure to take pictures of me in my outfit 🙂

UPDATE: My friend (and former ren faire junkie) reminded me that I forgot to post a picture of me in my outfit. Although I don’t have that beer stein, I do have my trusty turkey leg. Oh and look, I am using my Lady Eleanor!

Me and Skylar at Ren Faire

Skylar (yet another Ren Faire devotee) and Me

Have a great weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “Pic-A-Knit 2008

  1. I luv my knitting group too! :o)
    We must do a Pic-A-Knit like you did!!
    Spring is the best time IMO to do those b/c it gets hot like the dickens in the summer!

    MMmmh must plan for one in May!

    Have fun at the RF can’t wait to see you in the dress! ;o)

  2. Eating turkey legs with beer steins? Wouldn’t it be easier to use your hands (and mouth)?


    Had a great time yesterday. Thanks, Monique!

  3. That looks like so much fun! And who in their right mind would give you a speeding ticket when you are trying to get to a knitting function?? 😉

  4. What a brilliantly clever idea for a party! I love that! And I’m anxious to see how the Camelia comes along. My copy of the Make It Modern book is supposed to be available later this week, and that’s one of the patterns that really catches my eye

  5. Your sleeve detail photo made me take a closer look at that pattern. It’s lovely. I am seriously tempted to make my own, except I think the sleeves would make me look like a linebacker. Maybe not though. I’ll be following your progress closely.

  6. I am totally jealous of your knit groups! It looks like a blast!

    Love the color of your Camellia top–can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

  7. hello peacockchic…I followed you here from your comments on my blog. I have been looking through your older posts…I am not a knitter and so am just awestruck by your fabulous creations! You have such a great eye for colour and design. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  8. Your knitting group is fantastic and I know from having been to a meet up. The hours spent knitting and gabbing really lifted my spirits. The wine and cheese was great too!

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