Where My Stitches At?

Disclaimer** All links are Ravelry links!

If you don’t know by now Peacock Chic is a knitting blog first, and sewing blog second, a craft lovin’ blog third and a life blog trails as a distant fourth so instead of telling you about the following things that should be getting done today…

  • cleaning…
  • preparing for Monday…
  • visiting with family…although I will do this eventually today since it IS Easter…
  • going to gym…

I will instead tell you about my new organization in Ravelry! I know So.. Much.. Better.. than all that other crap stuff!

I have been a member of Ravelry nearly since its inception (oh found it, I have been a member since April 2007. Wow! that was the EARLY days). I saw an offering of an invitation on someone’s blog, nonchalantly asked them to send me one, added myself and promptly forgot about it. When the craze about Ravelry hit full swing I was months into membership and still had no desire to go over and deal with the details of adding stash and projects. Only when enough people had joined to where I could see their stash and finished projects did I truly become interested and appreciate the knitted wonders of the Ravelry community. Now, nearly a year later do I finally GET how addicting Ravelry can be.


“Did I really think I was going to knit that with over 100+projects already in queue? DELETE!”

  • Instead of matching my socks…I matched yarn to project

“This will hopefully mitigate the need to buy MORE yarn…we shall see…”

  • Instead of adding food to my fridge…I added magazines to my library

“Can’t wait until they get more uploaded here because it is a wonderful way to search your magazines and books for new patterns”

  • Instead of documenting my spending…I documented my yarn stash

“Whoo mama. I probably could have lived without this revelation, although it does look smaller on Ravelry šŸ™‚ ”

  • Instead of making a weekly “to do” list…I made a top 5 “to knit” list…as of today anyway (see picture above)

“…ahhh much better. Bring it on baby!”

In conclusion, as of today, I can finally say I know…


Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Where My Stitches At?

  1. i know exactly how you feel. i’m SO addicted to Rav. i’m always lurking other people’s projects. but you just prompted me to clear out my queue just a tad.

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